6 hot reasons to keep your gas heater regularly serviced

When poorly maintained or old, your gas heater can develop safety issues, start needing expensive repairs or, even worse, replacement.
6 hot reasons to keep your gas heater regularly serviced-WP

Like any of the modern home appliances we’ve come to rely on for comfort in today’s busy world, your gas heater needs some regular TLC to keep it running safely and efficiently. 

This is because your ducted gas heater, while reliable, can develop issues and wear as it ages, leading to safety issues, expensive repairs or, even worse, replacement. 

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Here at Plum Trade Services, we recommend that you keep a keen eye out for potential problems through an inexpensive servicing routine, nipping those expensive repairs in the bud and extending the life span of your unit. 

A few common issues that affect ducted gas heaters

Faults in the gas valve 

Your gas valve supplies gas for the pilot light – and if it’s not working properly, can result in your heater not receiving enough gas.  

Even worse, it can lead to dangerous gas leaks. 

As well as the risk to your family’s safety, a faulty valve can also cause expensive gas bills thanks to gas wastage. 

Pilot light issues 

Although pilot lights were frequently used in older heaters, they can still be found in some modern gas heaters – where they are used to ignite the gas. 

It pays to be aware of the following pilot light issues to avoid a breakdown of your heater.  

Clogged gas flow 

Filthy residue and sooty carbon can clog up the tip of your pilot light – restricting the flow of gas. 

The pilot light on a frequently used heater should be cleaned twice a year. You can do so by gently scrubbing with a toothbrush, but please ensure the gas supply is switched off.  

Thermocouple damage 

Your thermocouple senses when the pilot light is hot enough to ignite the gas – then opens the main gas valve to ignite the burners. 

Your gas heater may refuse to turn on if there is damage to this part, or you may experience limited functionality. A faulty thermocouple may need to be replaced to return your gas heater to perfect working condition. 

Non-stop cycling 

A healthy gas heater should cycle between on and off to keep your home temperature at a desirable setting. 

But if it is cycling more often than it should, you may have an exhaust vent blockage or issues with your thermostat. 

Faulty thermostat 

Sometimes, your built-in thermostat can give incorrect readings thanks to electrical problems – leaving your heater to generate not enough, or too much heat. 

As you can imagine, this can get expensive once your energy bill lands in your inbox.

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It’s time to give the experts at Plum Trade Services a call

Plum’s heating and cooling Technicians are hands-down the best in Melbourne and Geelong. Our expert staff are punctual, reliable, and can be trusted to be clean and tidy around your home. But above all, they are always safe – ensuring you and your family can sleep easy. 

Why not save yourself the headache of shopping around for a reliable Technician you can trust, and come straight to Plum Trade Services. 

Your family’s health and safety come first and when it comes to anything gas, you need to know that you are in the safest hands in the business. 

If you have any potential gas problems in your home, or even any questions, please call our friendly, award-winning customer service team a call on (03) 8360-9622 in Melbourne, or (03) 5292-2219 in Geelong. 

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