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Brivis Evaporative Coolers

In Melbourne, Evaporative Cooling is the most common whole-house cooling system because of our dry Australian climate – with these units at their best in dry climate conditions. Evaporative Coolers deliver a natural and exceptionally healthy cooling experience, like a refreshing sea breeze. Evaporative Air Conditioners are cheap to install and run, while being friendly to asthmatics, allergy sufferers and the environment. 

We’ve found Brivis to be the best brand in the business for a variety of reasons. And when it comes to Brivis Evaporative Coolers, there are three models favoured by our customers for outstanding energy savings: the Advanced model, Promina model, and the Contour model. They are all equally effective, but have their own personality. 


Brivis Contour Model

The Contour isn’t just pretty to look at – with a sleek, elegant low-profile design – but it is environmentaly friendly. The Contour features the AquaSave water management system, an inbuilt conditioner that is proven to save up to 45% on water consumption. And its reservoir holds just one-third of the water of competitors, to save on discharge when it is switched off. Its style is slimline.


Brivis Promina Model

The Brivis Promina is one of the most common Evaporative Coolers on new property estates because it is a low-profile unit, with a deeper backwards slope that allows it to sit lower on the roof. While it comes with the same wonderful features as the Advance and meets the low-profile requirements of new estates, it does come with a manual weather seal. Its style is slimline.


Brivis Advance Model

This bad boy may be the entry model, but the Advance comes in three convenient sizes and is built to last with a tough UV-protected exterior.  You’ll enjoy variable fan speeds, a generous cooling pad surface area, and the peace of mind of knowing that stagnant water and sediment are removed in standby mode. Its style is traditional.

Benefits of Brivis Evaporative Coolers

  • Cheaper to install and run than comparable capacity ducted refrigerated systems.
  • Healthier way to cool your home.
  • The air inside your home remains fresh and not re-circulated.
  • Based on a natural process of air cooled by water means evaporative cooling won’t dry out the air.
  • Because hot air is pushed out of the home, doors to outdoor living areas can be left open
  • Consumes less electricity than other forms of cooling, making it better for the environment as its greenhouse gas contribution is lower.
evaporative cooler features

Features of Brivis Evaporative Cooling

Inverta-Fan™ Unique Design

The uniquely designed Brivis Inverta-Fan™ cools your home faster while maintaining optimum performance and quiet operation, using a broader aspect ratio and greater blade surface.

Efficient cooling pads

Varying in thickness of up to 130mm, these robust pads maximise cooling by allowing the fresh water to spread freely and evenly over the surface and into the cooler.

Enduro Drive

Direct drive motor is cleverly located within the cooled air stream keeping it running effortlessly even on the hottest days

All Plastic Evap Cooler

Designed to resist extreme heat and constant moisture the cooler will not rust.

Synchro Drive Water-Pump

Designed for easy maintenance by self-cleaning, this clever water pump spins in the opposite direction to clear blockages if they occur.

Lower Operating Costs

The most economical way to cool your home. With fresher and natural air, the Brivis Evaporative coolers are cheaper to install and run than comparable refrigerated cooling system.

Made In Australia

Brivis has been designing and manufacturing climate systems in Australia for over 50 years. The manufacturing plant in Victoria employs hundreds of Australians. All Brivis Evaporative systems are made to withstand the extremes of the Australian climate.

Motorised Servo Seal Winter Seal

A weather seal in the outdoor unit prevents unwanted drafts entering your home and heat escaping during winter. It also assists with the smart management of airflow, by helping to reduce turbulence created by the fan during operation. (Contour Model Only)

Aqua Save Water Management

An in-built water conditioner ensures the water stays clean and pure, saving unnecessary wastage. (Contour Model Only)

Contemporary design

Low-profile design provides efficient cooling for Australia’s dry climates - with the quality, durability, and reliability Brivis is globally renowned for. Popular with builders because most new estates require low-profile Evaporative Coolers

Popular colour range

The Brivis Evaporative Air Conditioner range comes in three of the most popular roofing colours: Terra Red, Charcoal and Beige.

Frequently Asked Evaporative Cooler Questions

It depends on the size of your home, the number of outlets needed, and the size of the unit required to cool your space. Call us and we can do a free site inspection, or quote off your plans.


Yes. We supply and install. We even do the regular maintenance.


Charcoal (Slate Grey), Beige (Light Brown), Terra Red (Red).


No, only the Contour and Advance models.


The Contour, which comes with the AquaSave Water management system and has a water reservoir that is one of the smallest on the market – using just one-third of the water of other units.


This depends on the estate and is a question for your builder. The Promina and Contour both have low-profile sloping bases, which are preferred by most builders working on new estates.


They all come with a 5-year parts and labour, and 10-year structural warranty.


Call us. We are a Brivis warranty agent so if it’s a warranty job, we will lodge it with Brivis and come out to fix the unit on their behalf. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.


No. Evaporative Coolers aren’t designed to be zoned because of the powerful airflow.


Yes. For more information on financing options for our complete range, please call our award-winning sales service team to discuss whether this is the best option for you.


Still looking for more information on Evaporative Cooling?

Read our Evaporative Cooling for your Melbourne Home guide

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