Gas Ducted Heating

The cost-effective way to warm your entire home with one system

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Gas Ducted Heating is the most cost-effective home heating solution

There’s no denying that Melbourne’s winters are brutal, meaning that your investment in a home heating solution for you and the family is a crucial one.

It’s also why Gas Ducted Heating has rapidly become the most popular choice for Melbourne homeowners.

This type of heating system does more than keep you warm in cold climates – it does so quickly, reliably, and efficiently – ensuring those frozen toes and fingers can defrost as soon as you hit the ON button. Most importantly, Ducted Gas Heating systems don’t cost the earth.

Gas Ducted Heating gets your home toasty very quickly

As soon as you fire your Ducted Gas Heating up, it will start drawing air into the heater, where it is warmed. This delightfully balmy air is then gently pushed down or up into the rooms via your duct outlets, resulting in immediate comfort for you and the family.

The cheapest form of whole-house heating, with low running costs

When it comes to pricing, the main deciding factor is the efficiency of the central heating unit (or star-rating). While the initial purchase price of a 6-star heater will be a little higher than a 3-star heater, the long-term running costs will be much lower.

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Zoning the system will save you a bundle of cash

Zoning your home into sections provides heating flexibility in areas that you don’t use as often. Having the ability to turn off lesser-used zones when they are not being used – such as the home theatre or games room, which may only be used once a week – delivers efficient heating to keep your energy bills low.

You can attach a refrigerated cooling system, called ‘Add-On Cooling’

A Gas Ducted Heater does just that, it heats your air. But the beauty is, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by purchasing an Add-On Cooler – which ends up costing the same as a Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning (electric) system, while providing energy efficient heat and cooling all year round .


Variety of model sizes with different efficiency ratings

The higher the efficiency rating (star rating), the lower your energy costs. Plus, we stock a wide range of heater models to suit the needs of every home. The total square metres in your floorplan will tell us the amount of kW, or heater size, required to efficiently heat your entire house.

Wi-Fi compatible

With an attached Wi-Fi adapter, you can not only control your gas heater from the comfort of your bed, but from the other side of the world. We personally don’t think anyone would do that, but hey, the option is there. This is a super-helpful feature for those with elderly parents living independently, because you can jump in and make any adjustments for them.

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Frequently Asked Gas Ducted Heating Questions

As the name suggests, it’s essentially a gas heater that delivers warmth to your home via vertical ducting. The heat circulates through the network of ducts and is pushed out to you through a series of vents positioned throughout your rooms. Some houses have these vents installed at ceiling height, while others have them in the floor, space permitting.

If you’re looking at installing cooling climate control as well, you’re in luck, because you can attach Add-On Cooling to these gas heaters – even down the track! Just let us know that you need it ‘Add-On Ready’, and we will install a heater that is suitable for these upgrades. We’ll upsize all the ductwork, upgrade it to R1.5, and also upsize the vents and the return air grille – which are essential for Add-On Cooling.

These systems are not the perfect fit for every home. You’ll need a Natural Gas connection (not LPG), space for ducting in the ceiling or under the floor, adequate space for servicing and replacing parts if the heater is installed in the ceiling, and in the case of double-storey homes, a cavity to run ducting downstairs.

Ducted Gas is essentially central heating for your home, managed from one handy controller. Your Ducted Gas Heating unit will usually be positioned outside or in the roof space, then connected to a series of outlets throughout the home, via a system of strategically placed ducts in the floor or ceiling. When you fire the system up, your energy-efficient unit will draw air into the heater, where it is warmed. This air is then gently pushed down or up into the rooms.

When it comes to pricing, it depends on the efficiency of the unit (or star-rating). If you opt for a 3-star heater, it will be cheaper to buy, but long-term running costs will be high. If you choose a 6-star heater, the initial purchase price will be more, but the long-term running costs will be lower. Components that contribute to the price are duct length, the return-air size, length of gas pipe, and installation difficulty, such as in a multi-storey home.

Yes. In the unlikely situation that your heater breaks down, it can easily be switched out for a new one. Sometimes, replacing with new (new warranty and good availability of parts) is a better choice than repairing.

Running costs depend on gas and electrical prices. Currently in Victoria, gas is cheaper than electricity so running Gas Ducted will be cheaper. However, if you have solar panels and a good battery storage, you’ll be paying less from your pocket to power electric heaters.

This depends on the size of your home. We also consider your family’s lifestyle, rooms that are regularly used versus rarely occupied areas, how long you are planning to live in your current home, the cooling system that you currently have, and any plans that you may have for expansion in the future. Our objective is to get things right to ensure you aren’t sold a Ferrari when you only need a car to get to the supermarket each week!

The star rating indicates the energy rating of your heater, starting at three stars for lowest and climbing all the way up to six for super-economical models that lower heating costs.

Yes, but we recommend staying away from running Gas-Ducted Heating on LPG, due to its cost compared to Natural Gas.

Carbon Monoxide is always a marginal risk when running gas appliances in your home. But with regular annual inspections and servicing by our expert Plum Trade Services team, you can rest easy knowing your family is safe.

Yes, with Gas-Ducted Heating, you can zone the system into sections.

Zoning means you can separate your home into different zones, so you have the choice of turning off heating in areas that aren’t being used for energy efficiency.

A ducted system requires a lot of flexible duct, and equally, a lot of space for that duct to feed the vents. If you do have the required space, then yes, you can have floor vents.

Our range of controllers come in three different types. The most basic is the Manual controller, which only has two buttons to control the temperature. The Networker is the upgrade from that, with more features and a handy menu navigation dial. The premium version is the Touch controller, which is a touchscreen.

Yes. Most customers opt-in for Wi-Fi for convenience, so they have remote control of their heating from their smartphones or devices. This is wonderful late at night or first thing in the morning. The only catch is that you need an internet connection.

Yes. For more information on financing options for our complete range, please call our award-winning sales service team to discuss whether this is the best option for you.

Still looking for more information on Gas Ducted Heating?

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