Multi Split Air Conditioner

One outdoor system to power multiple indoor units

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Air Conditioning Multi Split

It’s hard to beat Split System Air Conditioning units when it comes to enjoying refrigerated air for the home on a budget. Cheap to buy, install and run, they are often overlooked by those shopping for a new Air Conditioning system, because they are thought to only be effective at delivering crisp, cool climate control to small areas in the summer months.

However, this is not true of a Multi Split Air Conditioning system, which delivers delightfully chill air throughout your home – with modest running costs and you’ll still enjoy a big chunk of change at the end of the day.

And the bonus is, these systems are reverse cycle, so they deliver toasty-warm comfort levels for peace of mind in the winter months, too!

Split System Air Conditioning

Use less outdoor space with one system powering multiple indoor aircon units

Also known as Multi Head systems, they require just one outdoors condenser to feed up to five indoor units strategically placed throughout your home. This is unlike separate, standalone Splits, which all need their own outdoors unit and the space to house them. 

Dual Heating and Cooling refrigerated system offers year-round use

Head Split system will deliver deliciously cold air in the summer (perfect for humid days) and, when you set it to Heat, toasty warmth to see off those winter chills. 

Mitsubishi Aircon in Lounge
Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Wifi Controller

Wi-Fi compatible

By upgrading your system with a Wi-Fi adapter, you can connect it to your home network and become the master or mistress of your home climate via an app on your smartphone.

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Frequently Asked Multi Split Air Conditioner Questions

Also known as Multi Head Air Conditioners, they consist of an outdoors condenser, which feeds up to five indoor units located strategically throughout your home. Perfect for cooling your main living area and bedrooms because they deliver crisp, refrigerate air.

The main benefit is that the outdoor space required is much less with a Multi-Split, which requires just one outdoors unit, versus the multiple outdoor units required for separate standalone Split Systems.

A Split is a type of Air Conditioner that is “split” into two main parts. One part lives inside – usually on an exterior-facing wall space, or on the floor – and is the evaporative heat exchanger, which quietly goes about delivering cool, refrigerated air into indoor spaces. They are extremely energy efficient, with low running costs. In the case of a Multi-Split Air Conditioners, you would have up to five of these located in different rooms. Then you have the condensing heat exchanger unit that lives outside. These can be large and noisy, so you need space for the outdoor unit to be set up as centrally as possible to be piped to all your indoor units. The difference in these systems is they provide refrigerated reverse-cycle air, without the need for ducting in the ceiling.

Reverse Cycle refers to the fact that you have Cool and Heat temperature settings, with refrigerated air for summer and toasty warmth in the winter.

Multi split systems generally start around $4800-$5200 for 2 x bedrooms and ranges between $8,500 – $12,500 for a whole-home solution. Please give our friendly customer service team a call to discuss your requirements for an accurate quote.

No. Most of the time the standalone will be cheaper because it will use less copper piping. A Multi-Split requires all of the indoor units to be piped to the location of the outdoor unit, even if it’s situated on the other side of the house.

Both types of systems use the same amount of power because it only draws the amount of power required for the indoor unit.

By upgrading your system with a Wi-Fi adapter, you can connect it to your home network – meaning you can enjoy individual control of your home climate and energy consumption from bed, if you want to.

Yes. However, because of the extra cost involved, it is not an ideal choice for everybody. It is advisable to discuss this option with our customer service team.

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