Brivis Add On Cooling

Add On Cooling for Brivis Gas Ducted Heaters


Brivis Add On Cooling gives best of both worlds

With Gas Ducted Heating now the most popular heating choice for Melbourne & Geelong homeowners in the bitter winter months, we provide a range of highly effective Add-On Cooling solutions from the Brivis Ice add on cooling range. These Refrigerated Cooling units attach to your existing Gas Ducted Heating system – and use the same vents – to deliver Heating and Cooling throughout your entire home for year-round comfort. 

For the best Heating and Cooling in Melbourne, you can consider buying a complete Gas Ducted Heating system with Add-On Cooling, or add one to an existing Gas Ducted system if provision was made during installation.

And don’t worry, home heating with Add-On Cooling is far from an afterthought. It’s a proven, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective climate control solution, no matter the time of year – with super-fast start-up at the touch of a button. Who doesn’t want that? 

Gas Heating and Refrigerated Cooling for your entire home through one system

Gas Ducted Heating with Brivis add on Cooling is probably best thought of as an entire-home heating system with an air cooling attachment. This does not lessen the effectiveness or efficiency of the Cooling during summer. It simply refers to the fact that the heater can operate independently, but the cooler can’t – it needs the Heater to operate. This is why it’s called an Add-On.

Compatible with existing Brivis 4, 5 or 6-Star Heater

When it comes to Brivis Ice Add On Cooling, you’ll need a 4, 5 or 6-star rated heater for it to be compatible. Many customers opt for the highest star-rating Ducted Gas Heater, because they are so much more energy efficient. In fact, they are so efficient that the higher purchase cost will be returned to you within the first two seasons from savings in running costs.

Brivis Heater 5 Star
Evap Cooling Vents 2

Uses the same vents for both Heating and Cooling

Heating with Add-On Cooling uses the same ducting, so you will get Heating and Cooling from the same vents. Compare this to a home with a Heating system and a separate Evaporative Cooling system, where separate ducting and vents are necessary to accommodate two completely different systems.

Cost-effective Cooling when paired with solar panels

Unlike your Gas Ducted Heating unit, your Brivis Add On Cooling is powered by electricity. When paired with a solar panel system, however, your Add On Cooling unit becomes an energy-efficient powerhouse.

Solar Panels for Cost Effective
Brivis ZonePlus

Zone different areas of your home

Brivis ice Add On Cooling systems can be zoned into sections to ensure efficiency of use. What this means, is that you can turn off your Heating or Air Conditioning in areas of your home when they aren’t being used, such as your home theatre, which is wonderful for your hip pocket and the environment.

Wi-Fi compatible

By opting in for Wi-Fi as a feature, you’ll be able to control your family’s entire heating and cooling system from your bedroom – or even overseas. Many of our customers leap at the Wi-Fi option, which allows them to set the climate control from their smart device first thing in the morning or before they get home from work. You’ll need an internet connection to do this, though.

Brivis Wifi App
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Frequently Asked Add On Cooling Questions

The Add On Cooler is a Refrigerated Air Conditioning unit that attaches to your Gas Ducted Heater. It delivers deliciously cool air through the same ducts and vents used by the central heating. This cooler has two components to it: an indoor coil and an outdoor condenser. By combining the heater and cooler, you get an all-in-one home heating and cooling system, known as Heating with Add-On Cooling, or Dual-Comfort System.

When the system is in heating mode, the cooler becomes idle and allows the air from the heater to pass through. When the system is switched to Cooling mode, the fan on the heater pushes the air through the cooling coil, which produces the cool air. The indoor component of the Add On Cooler (coil) is connected to the outdoor unit via refrigeration copper tubing. The outdoor compressor generates the cool refrigerant flow, which passes through the indoor coil, then the fan from the heater blows through this coil and generates nice, crisp refrigerated air.

Yes, if you meet these requirements:

  • Natural gas supply to your home.
  • Adequate space in the ceiling for Heater and Add-On Cooling indoor unit and ducts.
  • A dedicated area outside with clearance for the outdoor unit.
  • Upsized filtered return-air vent.
  • Larger outlets 200mm (8”).
  • Insulation on ducting must be R1.5 rated.  
  • Insulation on the BTOS (branch take-offs on the duct system).
  • Must have 4, 5 or 6-Star Heater to accept Cooler.

It’s just a really chill name that Brivis chose for its Add On Cooling range. 

Yes, if your heater is one of Brivis’s 4, 5 or 6-star heaters.

The ductwork and vents must be one size larger than the standard size and the duct rating needs to be R1.5. This will need to be upgraded if you currently have the standard size.

Yes, if your heater was installed Add-On ready. The return air must be sized appropriately and be filtered. This will be a larger size than your standard heating return-air grille.

For the best Heating and Cooling in Melbourne – where winter days start consistently below 6°C or 7°C – a combined heating and cooling system such as Gas Ducted Heater with Add On Cooling is often the preferred choice, because it ensures your family’s needs are met all year around. Here in Melbourne, where heating is equally as important, if not more so, than Air Conditioning, you want the flexibility of a dual system. Ducted Gas Heating with Add-On Ice Cooling provides exceptional comfort all year efficiently, reliably, and quickly.

Absolutely! Just tell us you want your heating system installed Add On ready!

If you have an existing Ducted Gas Heating system with compatible vents and ducts, your Add-On Cooler install will cost between $6,500 and $10,000.

Yes. Add On units are designed to be zoned for efficiency, to save on energy costs and give peace of mind.

Yes. But as with all financing options, it will cost you more in the long term. For more information on financing options, please call our award-winning sales team to discuss whether this is the best option for you.

Still looking for more information on Ducted Heating with Add-On Cooling?

Read our Add On Cooling for your Melbourne Home guide

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