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What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative Cooling is an air cooling ducted system which have been carefully engineered and designed to sit on the roof of houses to cool and filter the outside air and distribute it throughout the house using a series of ducts and vents.

Evaporative Cooling is the ideal solution for whole house ducted air conditioning in areas such as Melbourne due to the dry climate, low installation and running costs. When compared to other ducted units on the market, an evaporative cooler is the cheapest form of cooling.

How Evaporative Coolers Works?

Evaporative Cooling begins its process by saturating the filter pads with cold water. Once this initial cycle is complete, the fan then draws in the warm air from outside into the unit through the wet filter pads. This is done to lower the air temperature and filter out any pollen, dust and other pollutants before distributing it to each of the ducts.

The cool air is then blown through ducts and vents that are strategically placed around the home to provide the entire house with a light, refreshing breeze.

When it comes to Fresh Air, nothing compares to an Evaporative Cooler! Its rival Refrigerated air conditioners operates by recirculating air from inside the house which means they require doors and windows to be closed to work effectively. Evaporative coolers work by replacing the air inside your home with cooled fresh air. This means doors and windows will need to be opened for the existing air to escape as it replenishes it with new fresh cool air. 

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What Are the Running Costs of an Evaporative Cooler?

When it comes to Evaporative Cooling, we recommend Brivis for its reputation in innovation reliability and quality for the last 50 years in Australia. Brivis Evaporative Coolers are around 50% cheaper and much less to run than a comparable ducted refrigerated system.

Sustainability Victoria shows that a Ducted refrigerated airconditioning system which is not zoned has an annual energy cost of $315 whereas Evaporative Cooling costed $80 per year to cool the same area. That’s a huge savings of $235.

Not only does evaporative cooling cost less that other forms of ducted air conditioning, it also has a lower greenhouse gas contribution, making it kinder to the environment.

Why Choose Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative Cooling is the healthiest way to cool your home. Because it is based on a natural process of cooling air with water, then filtering out pollen, dust and other pollutants, it will not irritate your skin, eyes or throat like other coolers.

Replenished fresh and Clean air

As the Evaporative Cooling air conditioners airflow constantly pushes old air out through open doors and windows, every few minutes the entire air is replenished with fresh new air. This makes it healthier for sufferers of asthma, hay fever and other allergies as it helps relieve symptoms. Compare this to a refrigerated system which uses recirculated air.

Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

Where a refrigerated air conditioner used gasses that degrade the environment, Evaporative Cooling air conditioning using water to reduce the temperature, increasing efficiency. It is also 50% cheaper and much less to run when compared to refrigerated cooling.

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Why Choose Plum for Evaporative Cooling in Your Home?

Purchasing an Evaporative Cooling System for your home is not an easy task. With many brands and models out there, you may be flooded with information and different facts. At Plum Heating and Cooling, we simplify the buying process by supplying the perfect solution for your home based on your house design and your requirements. Our sales consultants are ex-plumbers and all of our installation team & technicians are employees, not contractors, so rest assured that every step of the process will be smooth and hassle-free. We offer installation and well as ongoing services and repairs Melbourne wide.


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