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Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Cooler

The Efficient & Cost-Effective System to Cool your Entire Home

Evaporative Coolers are the Perfect Coolers for Melbourne Homes

There’s a telling reason that Evaporative Air Coolers are one of the most popular home air conditioners in Melbourne and Geelong.

It’s because they provide such an effective solution to our dry climate – while being kind to asthma and allergy sufferers, our pockets and the environment.

There’s a lot to be said for this natural cooling process, which harnesses the ancient science of evaporation to convert water into a cooling breeze that circulates effortlessly through ducting to you and your family – with this clean, fresh, soothing air being filtered and replaced every few minutes.  To maintain indoor air quality, the Evaporative Cooling process requires some doors and windows to be open, allowing the stale air to escape.

Cool every room in your home

Evaporative Coolers are the cheapest whole-house cooling system on the market, in a price range of $3900 to $5500. The cost of installing your roof-mounted Evaporative Cooler can vary – depending on the size of your home, the number of outlets your home requires, and the complexity of getting the ducting installed. Please call us on 1800 758 687 to discuss your professional installation needs.

Run the cooler without worrying about the bill

Not only is Evaporative Air Conditioning cheap to buy with professional installation, you can keep your energy consumption costs down to just $2 or $3 a day. That’s cheaper than your morning cup of coffee. Compare this to Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning, which averages $5 to $10 a day in power consumption. These outstanding power savings are because Evaporative Coolers run with 75% more energy efficiency than Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning.

How Evap Works

Easily control your allergies with filtered air

Airborne allergy sufferers can breathe easy, because this is the perfect Air Conditioning unit for you. Your roof-mounted Evaporative Cooler will completely replace the air in your home every 1-3 minutes with clean, fresh oxygen that has all the nasty dust particles and allergens filtered out. Not only is this natural air flow the healthy, safe choice for your precious family, but it’s gentle on your carbon footprint, low on water consumption and easy on your hip pocket, too!

Feel the cool breeze flowing through your home

When it comes to temperature control, there’s nothing like an effective solution that uses a natural process to keep the air in your home at least 10°C cooler in hot climates. The Evaporative Cooling process takes hot air from outside, filters it of dust particles, cools it, and then circulates it through your home through the ducts and vents – keeping the air temperature consistently cool and water consumption low. These efficient cooling systems bring in constant fresh air in our hot Australian climate, chilling it to a temperature that is an average 8°C-12°C lower than outside.


Simple to operate

Just as the process of running air over water to create a beautiful breeze is a simple one, so too is the operation of this air conditioning unit.  All you need to remember is to keep a couple of outside doors or windows open when running in cooling mode, to allow the hot, humid air to escape. Most Brivis Evaporative Units are compatible with Wi-Fi, meaning you can switch it on via an app on your phone to ensure your home is nice and cool before you get home. 

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Frequently Asked Evaporative Cooler Questions

Evap Cooling is the cheapest whole-house cooling system on the market, ranging from $3900 to $5500. The price varies depending on the size of your home, the number of outlets your home requires, and the complexity of the job.

Cheaper to buy, install and run, your roof-mounted air conditioning unit also produces healthier air and is low on water consumption. However, they do struggle on consecutive humid days due to their reliance on evaporated water, which Ducted Reverse Cycle does not.

When it comes to running costs, you’ll enjoy a hugely effective solution at an average daily $2 to $3 price range. That’s a big saving on what it costs to run a Ducted Refrigerated System, which averages $5 to $10 a day.

The air from your roof-mounted Evaporative Air Cooler is like a cooling sea breeze, packed full of water droplets delivered in a natural process.

Due to the roof-mounted Evaporative Cooler systems essentially relying on evaporated water, they do not perform well as a cooling option in humid climates or conditions. However, you can team it with a Split System Air Conditioner for days such as these.

A standard home usually has 5-7 outlets for Evap Cooling, but you can have up to 10.

Brivis has a WiFi kit designed to provide you with remote control of your cooling system from any smart device, meaning you can switch it on as you leave work to be welcomed by cooling air when you get home.

The short answer here is yes, as long as your existing ducting is still in good shape. If it is starting to wear out, it may be better in the long run to replace it. 

When it comes to the evaporation of water process – where filtered, warm air is run over wet filter pads to cool your home – the supply of water required sits at a surprisingly modest 15-20 litres an hour. Brivis has the smallest water reservoir on the market, holding just a third of the water of its competitors, to minimise wastage discharge when it is turned off.

Most Evaporative coolers don’t include filters, and they draw in air from the outside, so they won’t keep out smoke and can bring smoke and other contaminants inside rooms. If you live in a bushfire-prone area or there are other sources of smoke outside, it’s recommended that you choose a type of air conditioner that filters the air or fit some air filters to your Evaporative Cooler.

Evaporative coolers and air conditioners work on different principles. Air conditioners use chemicals to extract heat and humidity from rooms. Evap cooling uses water and a fan to produce a cooling effect and add moisture to the air.

Because the airflow from Evaporative Air Conditioners is so powerful, zoning is not possible.

Yes. Because the air in your home is being consistently replaced with cool, clean, filtered air every few minutes, the old stale air needs somewhere to go. You’ll need to open two windows and a door for your system to work effectively. 

Concerned about having doors and windows open while you sleep, or are at work? Never fear, because we can install a specially designed Security Relief Grille, which pushes that stale air into your roof space – and eliminates the need to have doors and windows open.

Yes. But as with all financing options, this will cost you more in the long term. For more information on financing options, please call our award-winning sales team to discuss whether this is the best option for you.

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