Ducted Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle Refrigerated System

Our range of Ducted Air Conditioning units will provide an all in one solution for all year round climate control. Whether you’re building a new home or want to retrofit your existing one to balance out those extremes.

With a reasonably compact outdoor unit that can be roof mounted, our reverse cycle systems also features room vents and a wall control that are discrete and don’t impact on the look and feel of your home or office. The indoor unit is tucked away in the roof space.

These ducted air conditioners also run whisper quiet, meaning they’re not only aesthetically pleasing, but allow you to get a good night’s sleep without a lot of annoying noise!

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Con Benefits

Cost Effective

Compare this to older ducted air conditioning system which could only run at full speed, meaning they had to turn on and off all the time to maintain a steady in-home temperature, as well as chewing through at least 30% more electricity and wearing their parts out faster as well!


Our ducted systems have one set of vents around your home which deliver both hot and cool air, and also allow us to zone your rooms, delivering heating or cooling to living, sleeping or cooking areas in order to save you even more on your energy bills.
Zone control is achieved using programmable, wall mounted timers which are user friendly, even for those of us who don’t like digital technology.

Ideal with Solar Power

With the introduction of Solar Power a few years ago, these units have become energy efficient when operating. Compared to a heater which uses Gas, the Air Conditioning range split systems is operated by Electricity. With Solar Power storage coming into the market, these units are a good future investment.

Designed For Efficiency

Put simply, the more efficient your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system, the less power you’ll use and the more money you’ll save. To achieve this efficiency, our ducted reverse cycle air conditioners uses inverter technology with automatic variability of the compressor and fan according to the amount of hot or cold air that is required.

Here at Plum Heating and Cooling, our team of technicians will look at your home or building plans to design your ducted reverse cycle system, unit and vents, to ensure your home is perfectly climate controlled all year round, giving you that peace of mind.

We also use and recommend Australian made systems that have quality parts and components that are maintained and serviced by our dedicated in-house team.

Ducted Air Conditioning Costs all depends on the area that is required to Heat/Cool and other contributing factors such as the Output KW of the unit, the amount of zones, number of vents and the complexity of the job itself. A full install will usually range from $10k-$15k. The best way to get a firm price is request a quote using the form below.

Request a New System Quote or Service / Repair Booking

To request a quote for a New System or to Book in a Service/Repair, simply fill in the form below and a representative will be in contact with you.

What Customers are Saying

“The three young men that installed our system where lovely, professional people who took care to help me remove some artworks that were near the installation site, they were courteous during the job and worked very well as a team. They were very well informed when showing me how to use the system and they cleaned up nicely after the job was complete. Probably the nicest tradespeople I’ve dealt with. I would recommend them for sure."

Fleur H.
Google Reviews

"We had an A+ service from the Plum team. Bradley completed a free quote and helped us pick the best heating and cooling system. Aden, Luke and the rest of the team made the installation seamless ~ a well oiled machine! We are very happy with our Mitsubishi ducted heating and cooling. Would highly recommend!"

Caitlyn R.
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