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Split System Air Conditioner Melbourne

Split Systems Air Conditioners are Perfect for keeping Melbourne apartments, single rooms in homes or office spaces cool in summer and comfortable and an affordable and energy efficient option.

Named because they’re split into two parts, these reverse cycle split systems consist of an outside compressor contained within a compact metal shell, with an indoor wall-mounted unit that is aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive.

Single Split systems air conditioners are ideal for single rooms. The size of the unit is determined by the area in which it needs to cool or heat. An ideal size for a small room would be a 2.5kw split system. A larger area will require a unit with a higher cooling capacity.

When requiring more than one air conditioner in your home, a multi split system may be an considerable option. Using a mutli-split compressor, this outdoor unit can run multiple head units through your home.

Wi-Fi enabled units allows you to control each unit on your smartphone, reducing the need for multiple remote controls.

Designed For Efficiency

While there are plenty of split systems and portable air conditioners on the market, we always recommend to our customers that they choose a well known, reputable brand with parts, products and service warranties. We prefer to use Mitsubishi Electric, or Rinnai

While there are a lot of buying guides, we believe that it’s important to have professional help in designing the positioning, size and power of your unit so you can enjoy maximum comfort in your home all year round. In addition, it’s vital to choose a system with quality parts and components that are built to work efficiently year after year and are designed to last in the harsh Australian climate.

Our experienced team can assist you to find the split system air con that not only cools but also heats your home, save you dollars on your power bills and match your home décor.

Split System Air Conditioners

Split System Repairs and Maintenance

The affordability and efficiency of split system air conditioning units means they’re a popular choice for many of our customers, particularly in smaller homes or apartments.

To help keep your split system running efficiently, our dedicated in-house service and repair team can arrange regular maintenance checks to clean filters, inspect electrical wiring and generally keep your unit going strong. When installing your unit through Plum Heating & Cooling, our after sales support team will attempt to contact you to remind you that your unit is due for its service. That's just another reason to choose Plum!

What Customers are Saying

“We had 2 split systems installed just over 2 years ago and have since had 2 service calls. We could not be happier with the service we have received from Plum. The servicemen have gone about their work with little fuss, explaining what they were doing and cleaning up after each unit was serviced. This morning Shiva was here, and he was very courteous as he was working. We have nothing but praise for Plum”

Kenneth A.
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"Helpful and friendly team. We had to change the date and time of the install last minute and were greeted with a ‘no problems and happy to fit in with you’ attitude. The installers arrived on time. They were friendly and respectful. They were in and then out in no time and cleaned up after themselves. They even returned things they had moved back to their original spot. Very happy we went with Plum"

Jake C.
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