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Split System Air Conditioners

Split System Air Conditioning

Perfect refrigerated Cooling & Heating for specific areas

Air Conditioner

Split System Air Conditioning units for Melbourne & Geelong homes or small offices

Plum Trade Services’ range of Split System Air Conditioning units are the perfect solution for customers on a tight budget, or for those who only need to cool a small home, office or single room – dishing up soul-saving relief at the press of a button.

Our range of Split System Air Conditioners are ideal for cooling single areas with a constant feed of refrigerated air. Better still, these Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners come in a range of sizes to ensure the smallest bedroom through to big living rooms are efficiently cooled. You can even install multiple units throughout your home.

For just a couple of thousand dollars and low running costs, you can bask in delightfully chill air as it floods quietly into your home, day and night.

Split System Air Conditioner

Dual Heating and Cooling refrigerated system offers year-round use

The Reverse Cycle Split System is the most commonly used Heating and Cooling system worldwide. It’s like having Ducted Reverse Cycle Air – providing efficient cooling in summer and heat in winter – but on a localised scale and without the expensive ducting.

Great Air Conditioning for a single room

Split System Air Conditioning is perfect for studio apartments, or in situations where the parents still live in a big family home now free of the kids, where only one or two living areas need servicing by an Air Con unit.

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Different designs to suit your décor

We have the perfect size and price range for everyone – with a wide range of Air Conditioning colours and designs to suit every decor.

Cheap to buy, install and run

Split Systems are perfect for customers on a tight budget because they are so cost effective. They reliably dish up deliciously cool refrigerated air while being cheap to buy, install and run.

Wi-Fi compatible

By upgrading your Air Conditioning system with a WiFi adapter, you can connect it to your home network and become the master or mistress of your home climate via an app on your smartphone or device.

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Frequently Asked Split System Air Conditioning Questions

Split System Air Conditioners are perfect for cooling single areas or small spaces with a constant feed of refrigerated air. We have a range of products and sizes to ensure the smallest bedroom through to big living rooms enjoys effective temperature control at an affordable price.  You can even install multiple units throughout your home – for example, in the living area and bedrooms. This is known as a multi-split system.

For a wall-hung Split System Air Conditioning system, back-to-back installed, expect to pay approximately $2250-$2550 for a small, 2.5-3.5kw inverter system, up to $3650-$4200 for the largest 8-9kw inverter system.

Unfortunately, we don’t. We only install the units that we purchase directly from the manufacture ourselves. This way we can guarantee you a flawless service.

A Split System is an Air Conditioner that is “split” into two main parts. One part – called the evaporative heat exchanger – lives inside, usually on an exterior-facing wall, or on the floor. Then you have the condensing heat exchanger unit that lives outside against the external wall, or on the roof. It delivers refrigerated reverse cycle heating and cooling, with the difference being that you don’t need expensive ducting in the ceiling.

With the indoor unit, you need space on an exterior-facing wall, because internal walls aren’t suitable for the job. Your compressor unit will commonly live on the outside of the exterior wall on a concrete slab on the ground or apartment balcony, in close proximity to where the indoor unit is located. You can also install the outdoor unit on your roof and run the pipes up, if space at ground level is a problem. The outdoor units can get noisy, so it pays not to have neighbours in close proximity.

Reverse Cycle means your system can be run in Cooling or Heating mode, keeping you nice and fresh in summer, and toasty warm in winter – providing an energy-efficient, year-round home climate solution.

All of our Split System units come with Inverter Technology, making them a super-smart choice when it comes to keeping your energy consumption down. Inverter Air Conditioners help to maintain your desired temperature, so your unit doesn’t have to work as hard. An Air Con without an inverter will keep switching on and off to regulate the set temperature.

This one’s easy. Split systems are generally the best choice for a single room or small space in our Australian climate.

A Split System model is generally quieter inside the home than Ducted Air Conditioning, with the quietest being one with an Inverter. This is because an inverter air conditioner keeps the compressor running quietly, whereas non-inverter units audibly turn on and off throughout the day and night. Mitsubishi produces someone the quietest air conditioners, with one model producing a mere 18 decibels of sound, which is why it’s been termed ‘whisper quiet.’

Imagine, if you will, being able to switch on your Split System Air from the comfort of your bed, or as you leave work for the day, via your smartphone. Most of our customers jump at the chance to spoil themselves with Wi-Fi-enabled systems for this reason – and bragging rights, of course!

We service the Melbourne Western Suburbs, the Geelong region, and the Apollo Bay area.

Yes. For more information on financing options, please call our friendly team to discuss whether this is the best option for you, because as with all financing options, it does cost you more in the long run.

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