Evaporative Cooling Service

And Preventative Maintenance

Need your Evaporative Cooler serviced and cleaned for the Summer Season?

We can take care of this for you! Book our 12-Point Evaporative Cooler Service and get your system operating at its optimum performance.

The 12-Point Evaporative Cooling system Service will ensure everything is checked, cleaned and tested so you and your family can have a worry-free relaxing summer, breathing in fresh, clean air.

Evap Cooling Style Type

We service all major brands

No matter what brand your Evaporative Cooler is, or how old it is, we can service it!

We're experts in Brivis, Braemar, Breezair, Bonaire, Celair, Coolair, Coolbreeze, as well as Kaden, Omega, Rinnai, and everything in between.


Why get your Evaporative Cooling System Serviced?

Just like your car, your Evaporative Cooling unit will need regular servicing to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency - and delivers the safest, cleanest air to you and your little ones.

Regular servicing of your Evaporative Cooling unit is also a surefire way to cut the risk of a breakdown at the worst possible time of year - during those sweltering peak summer months.

We recommend booking in one of our 12-point Comprehensive Evaporative Cooling Services in the spring.

And because this service includes a thorough clean inside and outside of the unit, you'll be ensuring that you and the family will be breathing pure, clean air all summer long.

If your system is currently faulty, you will need the system to be repaired. See our repairs services

Before & After Photos of our Recent Servicing

See the Evaporative Coolers that have recently been serviced.

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12-Point Comprehensive Evaporative Cooling Service

  1. Louvres and Filter Pads are removed from the evaporative air conditioner and thoroughly cleaned to remove all the dirt build up, dust, insects, spider webs, all other debris.
  2. Water Pump is checked and tested to ensure it operating correctly and free from debris.
  3. Drain Valve is checked to see if it is opening and closing correctly, and no leaks visible around the O-ring seal.
  4. Float Valve is checked to see if it has free movement so the water supply shuts off when it reaches the correct water level. This is dependent on the type of system.
  5. Solenoid Valve is checked to ensure it is operating correctly.
  6. Internal Water Tank is completely cleaned.
  7. Roof Flashings are checked to ensure they are waterproof and free of any bird's nests and debris.
  8. Water Line and Drain-Pipe are checked and tested for drips and leaks.
  9. Water Distribution across filter pads is tested and checked to ensure the filter pads become completely saturated during the evaporative air conditioning operation.
  10. Fan is tested and checked to ensure it is operating correctly at different modes and speeds.
  11. Outlets are checked to ensure optimum airflow is achieved.
  12. A Full Function Test is conducted to conclude the service.
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What we recommend

We recommend that you service your Evaporative Cooler annually.

Just like your car your Evaporative Cooler needs to be serviced regularly for enhanced performance and lifetime.

An evaporative cooler is a warm and wet environment. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould if neglected too long. In extreme cases, a neglected evaporative cooler that is very clogged up with dust and leaves can cause a house fire.

An Evaporative Cooling Service will ensure your evaporative cooler is operating at its optimum performance. Our 12-Point comprehensive checklists are designed to ensure you have a thorough service every time.

Why Trust the friendly team at Plum Heating & Cooling?

Call the leading experts for heating and cooling systems, with over 30 years of delivering premium customer care. The experienced staff all have plumbing backgrounds with knowledge in evaporative cooling systems, split systems, ducted air conditioning units and will give you personalised service advice. The full service department carry out regular maintenance on systems, evaporative cooling services, air conditioning services, cooler repairs, check the correct operation on all heating & cooling systems to ensure you are getting maximum efficiency.

What Customers are Saying

“We had 2 split systems installed just over 2 years ago and have since had 2 service calls. We could not be happier with the service we have received from Plum. The servicemen have gone about their work with little fuss, explaining what they were doing and cleaning up after each unit was serviced. This morning Shiva was here, and he was very courteous as he was working. We have nothing but praise for Plum”

Kenneth A.
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"Helpful and friendly team. We had to change the date and time of the install last minute and were greeted with a ‘no problems and happy to fit in with you’ attitude. The installers arrived on time. They were friendly and respectful. They were in and then out in no time and cleaned up after themselves. They even returned things they had moved back to their original spot. Very happy we went with Plum"

Jake C.
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