Air Conditioner Cleaning

Deep clean & Service your Split System Air Conditioners
Air Conditioner Cleaning

Aircon Deep Cleaner

Our Eco Clean service is Melbourne and Geelong’s premier service for Split-System Air Conditioners. It’s so much more than a clean and service of your unit.

In much the same way that a deep clean of your carpet removes all the grime that simple vacuuming can’t, our Eco-Clean service gets into all the hard-to-reach places that a regular service misses. We use specially formulated antibacterial chemicals to remove airborne contaminants hidden deep inside the coil.

This ensures that the air flow from your split system is powerful, sparkling clean, free of sickness inducing allergens and germs, and healthy as can be. Our Air Conditioning cleaning services ensure your system performs at its peak for energy efficiency.

Aircon Cleaning

What’s included in the Air Conditioner Cleaning

  1. First, we check your Split Air Conditioner to see how it is operating.
  2. Then we inspect the temperature of the air being passed through your indoor Air Conditioning unit.
  3. Now it’s time for the important stuff. We start by removing the plastic covers from your Split System and spray them with an industrial-strength, anti-bacterial chemical.
  4. A waste-water catchment bag and drain hose are attached to your indoor unit. 
  5. A special solution is applied to loosen the dirt on the exposed indoor fan coil.
  6. Then we Eco Clean your system with our special pressured water system to remove all dirt, grime and harmful microorganisms from the indoor unit. 
  7. The indoor barrel fan and rear of the chassis are cleaned.
  8. Where possible, so is the drain pan. 
  9. Then we blow-dry your indoor unit with our exclusive portable drying system. 
  10. We Eco Clean the Air Conditioner filter and covers that were treated with anti-bacterial spray. 
  11. And finally, we perform a thorough function test, to ensure everything is running perfectly, and that your unit is spick and span.

Benefits of a Clean Air Conditioner

Breathe in clean air

Split Systems are a breeding ground for harmful mould spores, bacteria growth and fungi. If your Air Conditioning unit is pumping out foul-smelling air, this in an indicator that your system has been contaminated and needs a comprehensive Air Conditioner cleaning, called Eco Clean. These air-borne pollutants can cause health problems such as allergies, asthma and more.

Air Conditioner Service Before Eco Clean
Air Conditioner Service After Eco Clean
Repair Costs

Lower power bills

A dirty Split System full of bugs, grime, dirt and mould has to work harder to cool your air, putting undue stress on your system and increasing power consumption. An Eco Clean will remove all contamination and residue – freeing it up to run at optimum efficiency and save on your power bills!

Extend the life of your aircon

Just like your car, a well-serviced and clean Air Conditioner will perform without any undue stress, meaning less wear and tear on parts, and lower running costs. This means your Air Conditioning unit will last longer and cost less for expensive repair.

Mitsubishi Aircon in Lounge
10 Signs New Cooling System

Peace of mind

You can sleep easier knowing that your air filter and system has been deep cleaned and is not blowing out air that causes health problems such as allergies, asthma and more.

Frequently Asked Air Conditioner Cleaning Questions

It’s best to combat a dirty Air Conditioner with a deep clean every 2 years, with a standard service every other year.

We provide Aircon cleaning of all Split System brands.

It’s possible, but you need different chemicals to combat mould growth and special quality equipment. We’ve performed specialised Aircon cleaning services for years and it’s second nature to us.

Our Eco Cleaning process gets into the places that a regular cleaning in a standard service can’t. Our industrial strength antibacterials are specially formulated to remove airborne contaminants hidden deep inside the AC coil, resulting in perfect indoor air quality.

Please give our friendly customer-service team a call to discuss current pricing.

For those of you with Multi-Split Systems, we can provide a package discount. While the set-up and time taken to clean each unit is the same for each, the savings come from only requiring one call-out fee.

Our family owned & operated company is based in Point Cook. Our expert team cover all of West Melbourne, right down to Geelong and as far south as Apollo Bay to repair all brands of Air Conditioners.

Here are just some local suburbs we cover for professional cleaning of your system, but there are so many more:

  • All Melbourne western suburbs
  • Point Cook
  • Hoppers Crossing
  • Werribee
  • Tarneit
  • Truganina

It’s so easy and convenient. You can either click here to book, call our friendly team, or email contact@plumheatcool.com.au

We appreciate that life tends to get in the way. When it does, simply give us a call and we’ll reschedule your appointment.

Again, this is not a problem – but we’ll be sad to see you go. Please be sure to call so we know you have cancelled.

Please call us and we’ll put you on our urgency list. We draw from the top of this list when there’s a cancellation or if our techs finish their jobs earlier than planned.

Absolutely! As a part of our regular service, we’ll send you an SMS reminder the day before our Air Conditioner cleaning team arrive.

Yes, our Air Con cleaning expert they will call you when they are on their way.

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