Start the New Year Right with our Guide to Everything we do while Servicing your Air Conditioner

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After the 2021 that Melbourne endured, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re excited to kick 2022 off with a fresh start, a reinvigorated mindset, and positive vibes for our friends and family (may your year be packed full of health, happiness and prosperity!).

It’s only natural that at this time of year our thoughts turn to our health (and that of our families).

But did you know that a health check of your home air conditioning system is also important at this time of year? An annual service is essential to ensure that you and your loved ones are breathing in the freshest, cleanest air at home.

As a family-owned company, Plum Trade Services understands how important this is (plus, regular services ensure you get the longest possible life out of your system, too!).

In saying that, we thought we’d break down exactly what our expert Plum Trade Services technicians do while servicing your unit, so you know you are getting the absolute best value for money in Melbourne and Geelong.

Here at Plum, we pride ourselves on being transparent and honest while equipping our customers with all the facts, enabling you to make informed decisions that represent great value. So we’ve broken the checklist into three separate parts, covering our Split System, Evaporative and Refrigerated Cooling Service processes.

We hope they prove helpful.

Here’s what you get with a Plum Trade Services Eco Clean Split System Service:

  • First, we check your split system to see how it is operating.
  • Then we inspect the temperature of the air being passed through your unit.
  • Now it’s time for the important stuff. We start by removing the plastic covers from your split system and spray them with an industrial-strength anti-bacterial chemical. 
  • A waste-water catchment bag and drain hose are attached to your indoor unit.  
  • A special solution is applied to loosen the dirt on the exposed indoor fan coil. 
  • Then we Eco Clean your system with our special pressured water system to remove all dirt, grime and mould from the indoor unit.  
  • The indoor barrel fan and rear of the chassis are cleaned. 
  • Where possible, so is the drain pan.  
  • Then we blow-dry your indoor unit with our exclusive portable drying system.  
  • We Eco Clean the covers and filters that were treated with anti-bacterial spray.  
  • And finally, we perform a thorough function test, to ensure everything is running perfectly, and that your unit is spick and span. 
  • Please note: The above service checkpoints are subject to installation standard and accessibility. 

Here’s what you get with a Plum Trade Services Evaporative Cooler Service

  • First, we remove the louvres and filter pads from the unit. The pads are then thoroughly cleaned to make sure that all the nasty build-up of dust and dirt, spider webs, insects, leaves, and other debris are removed. 
  • We make sure that your pump is operating correctly and is also free from debris. 
  • We inspect the drain valve, ensuring that it is opening and closing correctly – and that there are no visible leaks around the O-ring seal. 
  • We make sure that your water supply is shutting off when the correct water level is achieved, by checking on your float valve movement. (System dependant) 
  • We take a good look at the solenoid valve that is vital to operation. 
  • Then, we get in and give your internal water tank a thorough clean to make sure no stale water is circulating through the air you breathe. 
  • We check that your roof flashings are waterproof and free of any bird nests and debris. 
  • A full inspection searching for leaks and drips is performed, from your water line through to the drainpipe. 
  • We check the water distribution across filter pads to ensure complete saturation that results in optimal cool air. 
  • Then we turn our attention to your fan. It is tested in all modes and the speeds are set correctly. 
  • Your outlets are inspected to makes sure that the airflow is optimised.   
  • And only then do we perform a full function test, to ensure everything is spick and span for you. 

Please note: The above service checkpoints are subject to installation standard and accessibility 

Here’s what you get with a Plum Trade Services Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioner/Add On Refrigerated Air Conditioner Service: 

  • First, we inspect the indoor fan unit and duct connections.  
  • Then we take a look at the filtration system, before giving it a good clean to get rid of any nasties.  
  • Your refrigeration pipe connections get a going over to locate any potential signs of damage.  
  • All electrical connections and terminal covers are inspected for signs of damage. 
  • We make sure the isolator switches are operating well. 
  • Your outdoor compressor mountings are inspected to make sure they are still level and secure, to ensure the unit is stabilised. 
  • Only then do we clean the outdoor compressor – making sure that all garden debris such as leaves, dust and twigs are removed – while looking for signs of damage or corrosion. 
  • We make sure that the supply and return-air temperatures are within an acceptable range. 
  • We make sure your outlets are receiving optimum airflow. 
  • And only then do we perform a full function test, to ensure everything is spick and span for you. 
  • Please note: The above service checkpoints are subject to installation standard and accessibility 

Of course, all of this comes with our promise that all of our staff will act with honesty and integrity in your home – in fact, they are so professional and friendly, you wouldn’t think twice about inviting them around for a lamb roast. 

All of our staff (and this includes our licensed tradies), work directly for us and are not contractors. So when they say they will be on the job at a certain time, you can bank on it. 

In fact, they’ll even shoot you a text message to give you a heads up that they’re on their way – and before leaving will make sure the site is clean and tidy. With us, you can guarantee you will never be left waiting or inconvenienced. 

Also, all of our service vans arrive fully equipped with all common parts, driven by technicians who’ve been putting smiles on customers’ faces for 30 years. 

So what are you waiting for? Why not start the year in the healthiest possible way by booking a Plum Trade Services Air Conditioning Service today!

And it’s as easy as clicking here https://www.plumheatcool.com.au/book-a-service-or-diagnose/ and filling out the form. Or, if you prefer a chat, please give us a buzz on 8360-9622 in Melbourne, or 5292-2219 in Geelong.

Happy new year, everyone!  

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