Which Heating System is Right for Me?

Which Heating System Is Right For Me 1

Plum Trade Services is proud to offer a wide range of heating systems available to suit any Melbourne home regardless of size space or build. We stock only the most reliable brands, include Brivis, Rinnai, and Mitsubishi Electric, to offer customers optimum service and quality.

So, which Heating Systems Do We Offer?

Ducted Heating System

Ducted Heating is the perfect heating solution for your home if you’re looking for a natural and cost effective way to heat your entire home. Ducted Heating works simply by installing a gas ducted heater either in the ceiling or under the floor, depending on the home. You are then able to control the heat in each individual room using the innovative zone control method which allows you to turn off areas in your home that aren’t in use, a perfect way to save money on your gas bills. A zone can be your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, or any combination of rooms.

Gas ducted heating system prices depend on the size of the house, zoning requirements and controller requirements so make sure you give us a call to get the quote appropriate for your home.

Split System Heating

The split system solution is a great and flexible way to heat single rooms of your home with each unit having its own easy to use remote control allowing you to set different temperatures for individual rooms. This is often a great alternative heating solution if there is insufficient roof space to install the Ducted Split System.

A split system consists of two simple parts, a compressor unit placed outside your home, and an indoor unit to heat a single room or section of your home. Although it is designed to only heat up single areas of the home, it is possible to install multiple indoor units and connect them all to a single outdoor compressor unit.

Split system heating prices depend on the size of the rooms so give us a call at Plum Trade Services for the most appropriate quote suited to your home.

Ducted Split System

A Ducted Split System is a great option for people who want better control at managing the temperature of their home using the ‘zoned’ system. It works simply by using ductwork inside the roof or under the floor to distribute air throughout the house. It uses an indoor unit placed inside the home either under the floor or inside the ceiling and connected to an outdoor unit.

Although it runs similar to the split system solution, the Ducted Split System is a cheaper option than installing multiple indoor units using the Split System heating solution.

Still Not Sure Which Heating System is Best?

Call us today on (03) 8360 9622 to find out which cost-effective heating solutions best suits your home, or contact us.

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