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R-Service and Repairs

Ducted Heating & Air Conditioner Repairs & Service

Whether you have a conventional air conditioning, an evaporative cooling system, or gas ducted heating – and no matter whether your heating system is broken or is just due for regular maintenance – Plum Heating and Cooling can help keep your costs down and your home comfy all year around. Our dedicated service team specialises in providing professional Melbourne heating and cooling repairs and maintenance services to the highest standard.

Whether it’s the dead of winter and you’ve got no warmth, or the heart of summer and you can’t beat the heat, it’s not a lot of fun to have a climate control system that you can’t use because it’s broken.

It’s also not a lot of fun to be stung by bills that are just too high. Regular servicing keeps your cooling and heating systems running efficiently, keeping bills low and reducing wear on components.

We repair and service all the major brands including:

Gas Heater Service
Gas Heater Repair
Gas Heater Service Melbourne
Vulcan Heater Service

Brivis, Hitachi, Coolbreeze, Mitsubishi, Braemar, Breezeair, Carrier, Bonaire, Vulcan, Celair, Daikin, Fujitsu, Kelvinator, Lennox, LG, Panasonic, Samsung,  Plus More.

Lower Bills & Cleaner Air

Gas ducted heating and ducted reverse cycle air conditioning both have the potential to get very dirty. Home renovations, animal infestations, mould growth and other events can mean your ducts get clogged with all kinds of dirt and crud. Too much can restrict the airflow through the ducts, meaning your ducted heating system has to work harder to heat or cool your home. Working harder means components wear out faster while you waste more and more money on bills.

Dirty ducts also can push mould and other allergens through your house. If you are sensitive to this then your dirty ducts might make you sneeze and splutter. For these reasons it can be a great idea to get an air conditioning or ducted heating repair or get your heating ducts cleaned.

Worse than dirty ducts are damaged or broken ducts. Shoddy ducted heating installation work can leave you with ducts that aren’t properly sealed. Rats, cats, possums and other critters can also burrow into the ducts in search of a cosy home. However it’s happened, if your ducts are leaking air then you are spending money to heat or cool your roof and inside your walls – and not the parts of your house you actually live in.

Carbon Monoxide test

The ducts are not the only things to check on a gas ducted heater. They should also be checked for gas leaks and carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a highly dangerous gas that you won’t see and can’t smell. It can make you tired, give you a headache or make you want to vomit. It can even kill. The Victorian government recommends you get your heating system checked for carbon monoxide every two years. We perform a full carbon monoxide check as standard with every Melbourne heating and cooling service.

Wall mounted split system air conditioners and ducted reverse cycle air conditioners also benefit from regular servicing. If the refrigerant starts to leak then the compressor’s heat pump cycle becomes less and less effective at moving heat in or out of your home.

After a while you’re left with a compressor that works incredibly hard to achieve nothing. Refrigerant leaks are also not particularly nice to the environment. Dirty fan coils, filters, or other components can mean your fan has to work a lot harder to blow the same amount of air. A clean and intact air conditioner is your best bet for a comfortable home that doesn’t cost the earth in bills.