Ducted Gas Heating

Is Ducted Gas Heating The Best Solution For Your Home?

What is Gas Ducted Heating?

Ducted gas heating is a highly recommended means of heating your entire Melbourne home. A ducted gas heater is fixed to your home along with a series of ducts that are placed in your roof. The ducts spread warm air through the room so that the entire room is heated, rather than just hot spots that may occur with other heating methods. By utilising natural gas it is an energy efficient means of maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home during those cooler months. This means that ducted gas heating systems are considered a premium solution to temperature control in cooler climates. Unlike reverse cycle heating a ducted gas heater is purely a heating unit. However there are some units that can be upgraded to include a cooling component. In a Melbourne climate a ducted gas system can be a perfect accompaniment to a ducted evaporative cooling unit, with each system allowing you to utilising the appropriate heating and cooling solution through the year.

What Is Ducted Gas Heating

How Does Gas Heating using Ducts Work?

Ducted Gas Heating effectively heats an entire home through one central gas heater. Your home heats up through a series of ducts distributed through the house. The heater draws the cold air from inside the house through a return air grille, heats it by passing it through its heat exchanger, and then distributes the warm air out to each outlet through the chain of ducts. Vents (or outlets) are strategically placed through the home to ensure that all areas throughout the home are heated evenly. The ability to add zones to the heating system provides additional control to your heating system. This gives you the flexibility for heating only the rooms which are being utilised, or to create different temperatures for different parts of the home. When you only want a specific area heated, zoning makes things a breeze!

Features of a Gas Ducted Heating System?

Ducted gas heating boasts a range of remarkable features that ensure it is a premium option for home heating solutions. It is cost effective, efficient, unobtrusive, quiet, and comes with the possibility of zoning for additional control. A range of energy star ratings means you also have a choice of standard or premium options, with the premium options significantly improving your ongoing energy savings.

Cost Effective

​Gas Ducted Heating comes with a low supplied and installed cost when compared to ducted refrigeration options, making Gas Ducted heating a feasible option.
Natural Gas is cheaper than Electricity in Australia, making these units much more cost effective. The main ongoing cost is the General Service which is recommended to be carried out at least every two years.
Even a three star system is more efficient than other electric heating units

Effective & Efficient

When compared to a reverse cycle air conditioning system, which provides both heating and cooling, the ducted gas heating system is more effective. It pumps out more heat (at a lower cost) and keeps your entire home heated while it’s at work!
The system is perfect for keeping a whole room warm, which means you avoid encountering patches of hot spots that can accumulate near other heating methods.


​When installing a Ducted gas heating system, the heater and its ducts are concealed either in the roof space or under the floor with the outlets positioned to blend in with the ceiling or flooring.


Compared to the bigger Ducted Refrigeration units, heaters are much quieter. The main noise is the heater's fan and the air being drawn in through the Return Air Grille.

Zoning Options

Because Ducted heating uses one central heater to heat the entire house, most models come with zoning capability. This option allows the duct to the unused areas to be closed off from heating. This is similar to having portable gas heaters in every room, except you are using one unit.

Star Rating  

Each heater nowadays comes with Star-Ratings. This reflects the efficiency of the unit and illustrates the amount of Energy Consumption of the gas ducted heating system. Choosing a higher star rating raises the upfront cost but lowers the running cost, making a higher star heater a viable long-term investment.

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“We had 2 split systems installed just over 2 years ago and have since had 2 service calls. We could not be happier with the service we have received from Plum. The servicemen have gone about their work with little fuss, explaining what they were doing and cleaning up after each unit was serviced. This morning Shiva was here, and he was very courteous as he was working. We have nothing but praise for Plum”

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"Helpful and friendly team. We had to change the date and time of the install last minute and were greeted with a ‘no problems and happy to fit in with you’ attitude. The installers arrived on time. They were friendly and respectful. They were in and then out in no time and cleaned up after themselves. They even returned things they had moved back to their original spot. Very happy we went with Plum"

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