Ducted Gas Heating

How Does It Work?

Ducted Gas Heating has been reliably keeping Australians warm for years. With the wide range of Star Energy Ratings to choose from, it has quickly become the most efficient, low running cost system used throughout Melbourne. A Gas Ducted Heating System, also known as Central Heating, consists of a Gas Heater situated inside your roof (or outside your house) with various ducts connected to it. The heater draws air from inside your home through the Return Air Grille, passes it through the heat exchange and heats it using the Natural Gas Combustion and then distributes the heat out to every vent throughout the house. This solution allows you to heat your entire home using one climate control system. Installing a zoning system allows sections to be closed off, depending on the user's preference.

Ducted Gas Heating


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What are The Running Costs

For Gas Ducted Heating

Compared to other systems such as Ducted Refrigerated Split Systems and Space Heaters, a Ducted Gas Heater is the most effective and efficient way to heating your home as the cost of gas is much cheaper than electricity. Calculating the average operational cost is dependent on your gas provider and the amount you are paying per kW per hour. Brivis, who have led the industry for over 50 years with their innovation, performance and reliability, demonstrates the effect each star ratings has with different model heaters. Choosing a 6 star instead of a 3 star could save you $474 per year.

Annual Running Cost Savings for

Brivis Ducted Heating

Gas Ducted Heating

Zoning Your Gas Heating System to

Save Even More on Running Costs

If you have gas ducted heating in your home, you will get to access great zoning benefits. Designing your Home Heating Solution with Zones enables you to split your home into various heating sections. With Zoning, you choose when to heat a certain areas. When installing your Ducted Heating System with us, we inspect your property and then discuss with you which areas are most used and design the best zoning option for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Why Choose Ducted Heating?

Cost Effective Heating

Purchasing and installing a Brivis Ducted Heating unit can cost up to half the price when compared to a Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioner. Servicing and maintaining the unit at least every two years lowers your running costs each year.

High Efficiency Star Energy

With Brivis Heating, the heat output is not dependent on the outside temperature like the Ducted Refrigeration Units. In addition, the various Star Ratings on the units gives you the freedom to select just how efficient you want your heater to be.

Performance and Reliability

Thousands of Australians have enjoyed the performance of Brivis Ducted Heating throughout the last 50 years. Starting from the humble beginnings with units such as the Classic Buffalo, these units are still being installed to this day. Gas Ducted Heaters have served Melbourne for years and is still rated the most efficient way of heating homes.

Zoning Your System

Zoning a Brivis Heating System is the smart way to cut costs. Zone control allows you to turn on/off each zone anytime you need to. Determining which areas to zone is planned during the site visit stage with Plum. We will give you the best option to get the most cost effective use from your heater

Add On Cooling Option

A great way of using the same vents in your home for heating and cooling is to install Add On Cooling to the heater. This is achieved by add a refrigerant system between the existing heater and the vents and by using the same controller, you are able to easily switch from heating to cooling mode. To add a future Add-On Cooling unit, Plum Heating and Cooling will upsize all your ductwork to make it Add-On Ready.

Wifi Control

With the heavy use of technology with the newer generation, heating unit are now becoming more compatible with wifi addon modules. Installing this will enable users to control the heating system from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Relying on home modems, these module will require additional hardware with home internet.

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