Put your family’s safety first with a gas ducted heating service before winter

Did you know that regular servicing of gas ducted heating is essential to ensure the health and safety of your family?
Put your family’s safety first with a gas ducted heating service before winter

As the days get longer and temperatures start to drop heading into winter, all thoughts in Melbourne turn to keeping warm.  

One of the most effective ways to get on top our brutal winter chill is with gas ducted heating, which reliably delivers warm and toasty air throughout your home to defrost those frosty fingers and toes. 

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But a word of caution: a regular gas ducted heating service is essential to ensure the health and safety of your family. 

Because gas ducted heating relies on the burning of a combustible fuel – LP gas or natural gas – it’s critically important to make sure that the carbon-monoxide gas produced as a result continues to be  properly expelled from your home through the exhaust. 

Exposure to high levels of leaking carbon-monoxide can be fatal and the scary thing is, this poisonous gas is colourless, odourless and tasteless, which is why it’s so important to get the professionals in each year to run a full system check. 

Symptoms of carbon-monoxide exposure include lethargy, dizziness, shortness of breath, confusion, nausea, weakness and chest pain. 

Foolproof ways to tell if your gas ducted heating needs a service 

If you’re still unsure about whether your gas ducted heating needs a service before winter, here are a few signs that tell you it’s time: 

  • Your unit hasn’t been serviced in a year or more 
  • Your heating bills are high and you never feel warm enough 
  • Some parts of your home become warmer much faster 
  • Your home feels stuffy and congested 
  • There’s a strong smell that’s unusual or unpleasant 

If you’ve noticed these signs or are experiencing any of the symptoms outlined previously with no specific diagnosis, your should schedule a gas ducted heating service as soon as possible. 

Our trained technicians are experts in assessing your system while preparing it for the winter months ahead. 

It not only keeps you safe, but saves you money in the long run, too. This is because a system running at peak efficiency uses less energy (hello lower power bills) and causes less wear and tear, meaning a longer lifespan. 

Here’s what you get with your Plum gas ducted heating service 

  • Your health and safety are a priority to us. It’s why we start things off with an all-important carbon monoxide test – to make sure that absolutely none is leaking into your home.  
  • Then we give your fan a good going over, cleaning it of lint and removing any dust build up.  
  • We move on to your Thermistor (where accessible) and ensure it is fixed correctly.  
  • A test is done on your gas supply burning pressures, to ensure your gas inlet pressure flow is optimised.  
  • We take a look at the combustion pressure (where applicable) with a flue pressure check.  
  • If you have zoning, we make sure everything is running smoothly when activated via your Wall Control.  
  • We ensure the return air temperature is correct by reading your outlet temperature.  
  • And finally, we make sure your warm and toasty vibe is optimised at the perfect degree by testing your supply air temperature. Any necessary adjustments are made.  

Thankfully, this kind of annual service will provide you with peace of mind in so many ways. And the bonus is, you’ll know that your gas ducted system will see you through another bitterly cold Melbourne winter without breaking down. 

For your gas ducted heating service, call Plum today! 

For all your home heating servicing and repairs, or to have a new unit installed before winter, please call our award-winning team for assistance today. You won’t be disappointed. 

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and always act in a respectful and trustworthy manner, putting you, the customer, first.  

Please call us today on (03) 8360 9622 in Melbourne, or (03) 5292 2219 in Geelong. Or, you can contact us via this link https://www.plumheatcool.com.au/contact-us/ 

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