Why Gas Ducted Heating is the most popular solution to Melbourne’s bitter winters

With natural gas proving cleaner and cheaper than many fuels, it’s little wonder that Gas Ducted Heating has been embraced as the No.1 home heating solution in Melbourne.
Why Gas Ducted Heating is the most popular solution to Melbourne’s bitter winters

Melbourne is such a magical place to live, but the winters can be a rough ride if you don’t have an economical and effective home heating solution to turn a frigid living space into a balmy oasis at the touch of a button. 

With natural gas proving cleaner and cheaper than many fuels, it’s little wonder that Gas Ducted Heating has been embraced as the No.1 home heating solution in Melbourne. 

Not only is this whole-home heating solution super-efficient and cost-effective, but natural gas produces less harmful emissions – ensuring your family and the environment stay safe. 

How Gas Ducted Heating works

Before you get too excited, it must be said that Gas Ducted Heating is not suitable for all homes. 

This type of system – also known as central heating – is great for larger and multi-storey homes, where the air from a wall-mounted reverse-cycle system may not be able to effectively reach all desired rooms. 

They are not suitable for apartments or those properties without a natural gas supply. 

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Ducted heaters generally come in two parts – with one unit installed indoors and one outdoors. A central gas heater installed in your roof space or under the floor delivers warmth to your home via a series of ducts (known by some customers as silver pipes). Delicious heat enters your rooms through the vents, or outlets, which are attached to these ducts along the ceiling or floor.  

And because the ducting is insulated, heat loss is kept to minimum – ensuring you and your family are enveloped in instant toasty warmth when it is fired up. 

Why Gas Ducted Heating systems are so popular in Melbourne

Here’s just a few of the benefits to installing Gas Ducted Heating:  

  • Your loved ones will be able to enjoy clean, toasty air in every room of the house if they like. A network of vents in the ceiling or floor will deliver this comforting warmth to you in even the most frigid months. 
  • No more battles over the temperature settings! Gas Ducted Heating systems allow you to program individual temperatures for each room, which is perfect for when you have a family of hot/cold sleepers. 
  • The use of natural gas means you’ll enjoy lower energy bills and minimise your carbon footprint. Winning!  
  • Central heating is safer and cheaper to run than electric heating.  
  • Zoning options mean that you can shut off heat to parts of the home that aren’t being used. 
  • Compared to electric heaters, ducted gas heaters are also much safer and cheaper to use.  
  • It forms the basis for a powerful year-round home climate solution. By installing your system with Add-On Cooling, or having it made Add-On ready, you can also enjoy crisp, clean refrigerated air conditioning in the hot summer months. 
  • By opting in to WiFi as a feature, you’ll be able to control your family’s entire heating and cooling system from bed if you wish, or switch it on from the office at the end of the day before you head home.  

It’s time to talk to the experts at Plum Trade Services

If the thought of having Gas Ducted Heating installed in your home excites you, why not give Melbourne and Geelong’s premier home heating and cooling company, Plum Trade Services, a call.  

It’s common to feel bamboozled by all the varying models, shapes and unit sizes when selecting the best home heating solution, but our team at Plum Trade Services will always put you and your needs first.   

Also, here’s a handy tip: focus on the star rating of your heater.  

The star rating tells you how efficient your Ducted Heater will be – and the most efficient models use less energy, meaning lower bills! 

In the language of star ratings, three stars are given to less-efficient models, with six stars being awarded to the best, or most economical, models for your home. So, while a 3-star, low-efficiency heater will cost less to buy, it will cost more to run. And a 6-star heater will save a lot of money on energy bills throughout its lifecycle but costs a little more to buy.  

Your friendly Plum Trade Services consultant will work with you to find the best option, by learning whether the property in question is an investment property or your family home and, if so, how long you plan to live there. We’ll then explain the pros and cons of each system, the price of each star rating and how much you will save when compared to the previous model. 

You’re in safe hands with Plum, with the knowledge that from more than 1,700 reviews on Google, we have a 4.9/5 star rating, thanks to our hard work and integrity resulting in happy customers. 

Please call us in Melbourne (03) 8360 9622, Geelong (03) 5292 2219, or you can shoot us an email via contact@plumheatcool.com.au 

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