Ducted Heating Unit Replacement or Parts Replacement?

How to know when it's time for a ducted heating unit replacement

Ducted Heating Unit Replacement

It’s a sad reality of life today that major appliances don’t seem to last as well as they did in the good-old days.

However, back in those olden days, major appliances were quite basic in nature and function – and didn’t have as many moving parts driving the wonderful technological advances of today. And you certainly didn’t have ducted heating systems back then, just as there was no such thing as refrigerated air conditioning. This type of heating and cooling technology for the home would have simply blown people’s minds.

While it’s crazy to expect today’s modern heating and cooling systems to last forever, taking care of your ducted heating unit with regular servicing – as you would your car – will ensure that you prolong its life span.

But there will come a day when you’ll have to changeover your ducted heating unit – and we’re here to explain how you’ll know when it’s time for that all-important ducted heating unit replacement.  

Help, my ducted heating is breaking down or not performing as it should!

The average lifespan of your Ducted Gas Heating System is 15 years, but with regular servicing and maintenance, you can get up to 20 years out of a unit.  

It’s inevitable that even the most reputable Ducted Gas Heating Units will eventually start to run poorly, drive up your energy bills, risk carbon monoxide leaks into your home and break down.

Rest assured that when one of Plum’s friendly technicians comes out to repair your Gas Ducted Heater, they will have your best interests at heart. But in an ageing Ducted Gas Heating system, they may find themselves having to draw your attention to the fact that sourcing replacement parts is simply not cost effective: because they are becoming too expensive, obsolete, or because the likelihood of ongoing part failure is very real. 

This is entirely due to the age of your Ducted Gas Heating system. So when one of our highly trained heating system experts recognise that you are facing a costly exercise in replacing part after part for your Ducted Gas Heater  – never mind the inconvenience to you and expense of higher electricity bills and heating repair technician callout fees – they will likely recommend a Ducted Heating Unit replacement.

This may come as a shock initially, but will be cost effective in the long run.

The benefits of a ducted heating unit replacement

When the outside temperature plunges below 5 Degrees, knowing that you can rely on a new, energy-efficient ducted heating installation that won’t break down when you need it will warm the cockles of your heart.

A Ducted Heating unit replacement will deliver you greater reliability, efficiency, lower energy costs and a faster start-up – ensuring your family’s frozen toes and fingers can defrost as soon as you hit the ON button.

A changeover sees your old, tired unit – the one that’s been costing you hundreds of dollars in extra power bills, worry and repairs – switched out with a brand-spanking new one.

The beauty is that your new unit comes with the assurance of a new warranty and parts.

This swap-out of your heating unit, old for new – where we leave the ducting and vents as is and connect the new heater to them – is what we call a changeover.

For those wanting more than a changeover unit, we also have the option of a full ducted gas heater changeover, which is where we strip out everything and install a completely new system (Unit, Ducts, Vents, Return Air, Controller).

The benefits of this are that you can opt for larger ducts and ducted heating vents to enable Add-On Cooling, redesign your quality heating system to better suit your home layout, have it zoned in a way that suits your family’s lifestyle (lower running costs) , and enjoy clean air through brand-new clean ducts. This guarantees more effective heating (and possibly cooling) for your heating dollar.

Tips to make sure your ducted heating replacement lasts many, many years

When replacing your current heating unit, there are a few key things to consider to ensure you get the maximum life span out of your new one.

These are:

The energy star rating. If you opt for a 3-star heater, it will be cheaper to buy, but long-term running costs will be much higher. If you choose a 6-star heater, the initial purchase price will be more, but the long-term running costs will be lower. This is because the increased energy efficiency in your 5 or 6-star central heating unit not only means lower cost of heating, but a longer product life span because it doesn’t have to work as hard as a less efficient heating unit.

Choose the correct heater size. Without proper calculations, the heater can be undersized or oversized – meaning it will have to work harder, costing you money and ageing your unit prematurely. If your home is a two-storey, 4–5-bedroom space in need of entire house heating, then you’ll need a large, powerful heater. For small homes, smaller changeover heating systems will be sufficient.

Quality of brand. You get what you pay for with your heating dollar – and that’s why we stand behind Brivis. Since this company is the most supportive when it comes to meeting the needs and demands of our customers, we’ve now committed to only sell Brivis/Rinnai heaters (Rinnai now owns Brivis).

Regular maintenance. Plum Trade Services has aligned with Brivis to ensure we can do the warranty repairs and maintenance on their behalf. We did this to ensure we can offer you a real one-stop-shop, eliminating the frustration of having to deal with multiple companies and contractors in the rare event that your heater fails. After installation, we keep all the important information about your ducted gas heater replacement on file – such as model number, serial number, the type of networker controller and installation date. This is in case we need this information when dealing with Brivis – and is one less thing for Australian families to worry about.

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It’s a simple yet effective ethos that sets us apart from the competition. As a family owned & operated company driven by strong values, we recognise that customers of other companies can have a frustrating experience before, during and after air conditioning & heating installations, or when requiring service/repairs. We think that’s absolutely disgraceful – and is why we’ll always put your needs first, treating you like family.

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Trust us, we’re the ducted gas heating experts. You won’t regret it!

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