Is your hot water system fit and ready for the frigid winter ahead?

Did you know that your hot water system – much like your car or home air conditioning system – requires ongoing maintenance to keep it firing in tip-top shape to maximise its lifespan?
Is your hot water system fit and ready for the frigid winter ahead
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Our hot-water systems are an undeniable workhorse of the home, doing some serious heavy lifting when it comes to making our lives comfortable and convenient.  

Day in, day out they quietly respond to our countless demands for hot water without us giving them a second thought. 

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But did you know that your hot-water system – much like your car or home air conditioning system – requires ongoing maintenance to keep it firing in tip-top shape to maximise its lifespan? 

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Below is some advice on how frequently you need to get your system serviced and some warning signs that will tell you it needs professional attention now! These are issues that, if left, could result in unwanted expensive repairs – and the inconvenience of a winter breakdown. 

How often you should service your hot-water system

While there’s no one-size-fits all answer to this question, please bear with us because the following information should steer you right. 

The frequency of servicing depends on your individual set-up – primarily the kind of hot-water system you have (gas, electric or solar), your water quality, the brand, and how frequently it is used. 

And the biggest influence over everything is the quality of your water supply. For those with poor quality water, the bad news is that you’ll need to get your unit serviced every six months. This is purely because the excess minerals and contaminants in the water can build up in your system, causing wear and tear while leaving it to perform less efficiently. 

Otherwise, most gas, electric and solar hot-water systems generally only need servicing every three years. 

For best results, please refer to the manufacturer’s handbook. 

The three most important parts of a hot-water system service

While there’s a lot more that goes into a hot-water system service than what we detail below, we’ve listed the key processes and what they do. 

They’ll give you a better understanding of the need to keep your system in prime working order. 

Testing pressure relief valves 

Pressure has a tendency to build-up in water heater tanks. It makes the job of the pressure relief valve a crucial one. When this valve fails, your tank could explode.  

Our highly experienced will perform a simple test on the valve to check for water leakage. If there’s no leak, the valve is considered to be in good shape and you won’t need a replacement. 

Anode rod inspection 

Your anode rods are designed to offer a first line of defence against corrosive material in your water supply. 

We promise you, that an inspection of your anode rod after time in operation will have you recoiling in surprise. That’s because your anode will draw in all the excess minerals and contaminants found in hard water to prevent corrosion of your system. 

However, your anode rod will eventually pay the ultimate sacrifice – and will itself eventually start to corrode, needing replacement.  

Full tank flush 

The anode rods are miracle workers at catching corrosive material, but some can escape and settle as harmful sediment at the bottom of your tank. 

It’s why our technicians will perform a full flush of your tank, to ensure it is clean and operating at peak efficiency. 

For all your hot-water system needs, please call Plum Trade Services today

Whether you need your Hot Water System serviced, repaired or replaced in Melbourne or Geelong, Plum Trade Services are the experts in customer satisfaction – with more than 1,700 five-star reviews on Google from our happy customers.  

Here’s our promise to you: 

  • Quick response and hassle-free service 
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  • Melbourne’s trusted, reputable brand 

Please give our award-winning team a call on (03) 8360-9622 in Melbourne, or (03) 5292-2219 in Geelong. You won’t be disappointed! 

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