Geothermal Heating and Cooling is here! Forget the energy crisis

Rinnai’s revolutionary Geoflo Hybrid renewable energy system taps down deep in the Earth to source huge reserves of the sun’s energy, or captured heat, which exists at a steady temperature all year round.

If we were to tell you that you could tap into abundant reserves of renewable green energy stored in a kind of natural, subterranean solar bank vault beneath our feet, you’d be intrigued, right! 

And what if we were to then explain that there’s a groundbreaking system – the Australian-designed and built Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid 22 renewable energy system – that is the key to extracting this precious geothermal resource, before transforming it into reliably consistent warmth and cooling for your home on a pittance?  

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Rinnai’s Geoflo Hybrid 22 is making headlines right now because it doesn’t only slash your heating & cooling bills by up to 50 per cent, but it delivers a non-stop, year-round abundance of free hot water, too. That’s right, free!!!!! 

With domestic heating and cooling factoring for about 50 percent of our annual utilities expenses, a climate in crisis thanks to fossil fuels, and energy costs out of control right now, it’s little wonder this system has consumers excited. 

Rinnai’s geothermal heating and cooling taps into Earth’s heat reserves 

Rinnai’s revolutionary geothermal heating and cooling system taps down deep in the Earth to source huge reserves of the sun’s energy, or captured heat, which exists at a steady temperature all year round. 

The important differential of this system is that it doesn’t make heat, it moves it – drawing it up from the earth’s depths and passing it through a condensing unit, which uses refrigerant and the temperate water from the underground pipes to heat or cool air. The air is then circulated through standard ductwork.  

You get the bonus of free hot water 

But wait, there’s more! Any excess heat from this process is then used to heat your domestic hot water for free. And there’s a storage tank where it is then captured and stored, to ensure you are able to enjoy a steady stream of hot water to your home all year round. 

The best part is, that unlike solar and wind energy, geothermal energy is there all the time. So you never have to worry about flicking a booster switch in the winter again. 

What is required to install Geoflo Hybrid 22 at my home? 

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Rinnai’s Geoflo Hybrid 22 renewable energy system can be installed at new estates, or existing homes and businesses, from Alice Springs through to Victoria’s Alpine High Country.  

Installation is usually done in under a day – depending on how easy or difficult the ground is to drill. 

A fully licensed, impeccably trained expert team with a compact drilling machine can usually access the tightest of spaces, with a 3m clearance required. 

They will then drill 40-100m underground to source the supply of steady heat air temperature. From there, a ground loop heat exchanger will be lowered into the small-diameter hole of about 125mm. This will be connected to the above-ground condensing unit and storage tanks, which are unobtrusive. 

You’ll be enjoying the sustainable comforts of delicious warm and cool air – and free hot water – all year round. 

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Never fear, we totally get it – this is a lot of information to take in and you are bound to have heaps of questions on how you can do your bit to save the planet with a Geoflo Hybrid 22 renewable energy system at your home!  

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