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MyLights, the smart lighting game-changer that everyone’s talking about

MyLights, the smart lighting game-changer that everyone’s talking about

MyLights is so energy-efficient, it can slash your power consumption by 80%, while saving you big bucks on your energy bills. 
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Have you heard about MyLights yet? It’s the affordable yet game-changing smart-home lighting system that is winning fans across the country. 

And the reason for this unprecedented popularity? Well there’s many, but the most popular seem to be its ease of use (even for the technology adverse types), ability to slash energy bills and the security it provides around the home.  

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MyLights is a smart-home LED lighting system so advanced, that the tablet that comes with it, or your smartphone, double as a finely tuned light switch – able to turn your lights on before you get home, when you wake in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, or to dim them in zones to set the right mood.   

And it is so energy-efficient, it can slash your power consumption by 80%, while saving you big bucks  on your energy bills.  

These are just two of the outstanding features of a game-changing new smart-home lighting system known as MyLights, built by Australians for Australian homes.   

Here’s why MyLights by AdvantageAir is winning fans

  • The app: MyLights is driven from a fantastic app called MyPlace and its integration is seamless. Useful and easily identifiable tabs allow you to jump between your lighting system, to your MyAir air conditioning or anything else in your home that is powered by an app, such as your CCTV, home security cameras, or blinds/skylight. And if you don’t have, or want, MyAir, it doesn’’t matter, because MyLights is built to stand alone if you prefer. 
  • Personal safety: So many people are loving the security benefits that come with the MyLights system. Imagine you are heading home late at night to a dark and empty home … by simply touching the MyWelcome tab on your smart device, all of the lights that you’ve set in the MyWelcome theme will spring to life (think your garage and porch lights, entry hall and kitchen for example. Those with CCTV cameras can rest easy knowing that if the alarm goes off while you are away, you can use this tab to turn on the lights and watch the live camera stream. 
  • Mood-lit convenience: Are you setting up for a movie night, a romantic candlelit dinner, or a family games night? Then again, the app gives you the power to set the right mood with lighting. The theme settings for different zones are all your choice and so simple to set. Plus, you can dim individual downlights from the app, too! And at the end of the night, or if you’re heading out for the evening, the MyGoodbye turns off every light in your home. So convenient! 
  • Huge energy bill savings: Because MyLights is an LED lighting system, you’ll save big dollars on what you were paying to run your old halogen lights. As well as the 80 per cent energy savings once installed, you can save another 75% off this b utilising the MyEco dimmer tab!  
  • Designed for technophobes: If you or a family member such as an elderly parent struggles to come to grips with technology, you have nothing to fear because this system was designed with you in mind. AdvantageAir takes great pride in having built an interface that can be learned in just five minutes without an instruction manual. It’s functional, easy to use and well laid out to avoid confusion 
  • It’s affordable – This is probably the best part … you’d expect that a system like this would cost an arm and a leg but it doesn’t – coming in at a little more than the cost of standard downlights. When even first-homebuyers can afford to live in luxury, we definitely think it’s a winner!  

Call Plum Trade Services today!

 For all your domestic electrical needs – including installation of this incredibly smart MyLights system – Plum Trade Services provides some of the best electricians in the business.  

Not only are they fully accredited and licensed, but all our work comes with compliance certificates to provide peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our customer service and always act with honesty and integrity in your home – and take great pains to leave your home clean and tidy. 

Call us today on (03) 8360 9622 in Melbourne, or (03) 5292 2219 in Geelong. Or, you can contact us via this link https://www.plumheatcool.com.au/contact-us/ 

You won’t regret it. 

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