Benefits of a Ducted Heating System

Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating

If you’re looking to save money this winter but aren’t quite sure what other tips to try in attempts to reduce your heating costs, then why not consider switching over to a gas ducted heating system with the highest quality range that Plum Heating and Cooling has to offer?

What makes it the cheapest home heating solution is the ability to use less gas to heat your home with incredible zone control options that lets you further reduce costs by allowing you to decide which rooms you want to be heated simply by switching zones on and off.

This is a particularly great option for all those that can’t help but forget to shut all those unoccupied rooms to keep the heat in, or if you like to prepare your bath temperature while you’re still watching your favourite TV show in the other room!

A great added benefit, particularly for people that enjoy their extra room space is that the gas ducted heating systems are extremely compact and consume very little space at all.

Plum Heating and Cooling completes the ducted heating installation either in the ceiling or under the floor, to whichever option suits the build of your home. No more bulky heating units that you have to drag around the rooms with you!

How does a Gas Ducted Heating System work?

The ducted heating system consists of a few simple components including the heater itself, the insulated ducts that carry the heated air to each of your rooms, vents that spread air into the room and return air to the heater, and a thermostat.

The gas ducted heating system works by taking the cold air from each individual room over a heat exchanger, which is warmed by gas combustion. The warm air is then pushed back out through the ducts and into each individual room from vents that are either located in the ceiling or on the floor.

You can easily control which room you want at any certain temperature through the thermostat, which is installed in the main living room area. It also has in-built senses to detect the air temperature and send signals to the heater to turn off or on in order to maintain the desired set temperature.

You also have the option to pair your gas ducted heating with add-on cooling at a later stage when needed, just let our team know during the initial installation stages in order to easily configure this added benefit.

Give us a call at Plum Heating and Cooling for specialized service across Melbourne in gas ducted heating. Dealing with top of the range products, we help you personally select a system that suits your home.

All domestic Gas Ducted Heating installation by Plum Heating and Cooling come with a 5 year parts and labour warranty so you can be assured you’re getting the highest standard in products and service.

Give us a call on (03) 8360 9622 or contact us to arrange a quote!

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