Which hot water system is best for you … gas or electric?

We put gas and electric to the test to determine which hot water system is best for your household.
which hot water system is best

Where would we be without the magic of modern appliances such as hot water systems, which deliver endless streams of steaming hot H2O at the flick of a tap? But which hot water system is best for you … gas or electric?

Along with our air conditioners and heaters, hot water systems transform our homes into oases of convenience and comfort.    

If yours has recently died and needs replacing, or if you are considering installing a hot water system in a newly built home, we imagine you’ll be very keen to get started and get it right. 

Which hot water system is best for you

But first, have you given any thought to the type of hot water system you’ll be requiring – and which one will best suit your household’s needs? 

You have a choice between a gas or electric hot water system. And while both are great, they come with different benefits. 

What you choose will come down to your lifestyle and other factors unique to your household. 

Installation and running costs

There are a few things that come into play when determining what your annual costs will be for water heating. And they are:  

  • The efficiency of the water heater 
  • How many people live in your home 
  • Frequency of hot water usage 
  • Energy tariffs 
  • The energy rating on your unit 
  • The climate 

At the time of writing, Victorian gas prices were still cheaper than electricity. 

And as with most appliances, gas hot water systems are cheaper to run, but are more expensive to purchase and install (you’ll need a professional to fit the heater to the home’s gas line safely). But the low operating costs will save you money after a year or two. 

With electric hot water systems, they are cheaper to buy and install, but cost slightly more to run. However, they are generally a better choice for smaller households. 

Is gas or electric hot water more efficient?

This may surprise some readers, but an electric hot water system is more efficient than gas. 

This is because gas hot water systems rely on natural gas to function – and some of the heat from burning the gas is lost along with the gas byproducts—making them less efficient than electric water heaters. 

Unlike gas water heaters, electric water heaters use almost all of the energy to heat water. 

If buying a new system, check the star energy rating and try to purchase the highest stars that you can afford. 

Does gas or electric heat water faster?

Gas water heaters can heat H2O faster than electric water heaters – especially in those systems with tanks.  

Your electric heater will have a heating rod running from top to bottom – and they are no competition for an open flame for heating, as occurs with gas. This flame heats the tank from the bottom, and since heat rises—the water in the tanks heats up faster. 

Which requires more maintenance?

Whether you choose an electric or gas hot water system, they will both require regular maintenance in the form of servicing. However, gas can be a little more fiddly and require regular sediment removal.   

Does gas or electric last longer?

There’s only a few years between them, but electric hot water systems do tend to last a couple of years longer if looked after with regular maintenance. This is because electric heaters are cleaner operators, meaning you should get well past a decade’s use out of them.  

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