When your Hot Water System dies, our portable units keep water flowing during repairs

When your Hot Water System dies

During the frigid depths of winter and or the warm days of summer, a hot shower in the morning is as essential as a steaming cup of coffee when it comes to starting the day right.

Being caught short without one or the other really does tend to throw a spanner in the works of an otherwise promising day.

But life being what it is, we can all expect to have the occasional curveball our way. So if your Hot Water System gives up the ghost, it’s great to know that one of Melbourne’s most trusted companies has taken extra steps to keep you comfortable.

Our portable Hot Water units mean no inconvenience to you

Here at Plum Trade Services, we understand the need for a steady flow of hot water to keep you and your household running smoothly.

To keep our valued customers comfortable, we decided to offer a portable Hot Water System service for situations where a repair or replacement may take longer than expected.

While these situations are rare, there are times when older parts may have to be ordered in, or a replacement system is low on stock.

Whatever the situation, you will not be inconvenienced when your Hot Water System dies and you put Plum Trade Services on the job. Providing portable Hot Water units is one of the many extra measures we’ll take to ensure you enjoy an exceptional customer service experience.

Our commitment is to get your Hot Water System properly repaired or replaced without using Band-Aid solutions – always with a friendly smile and the expert, trustworthy advice we’ve become famous for.

Our promise to you:

  • Quick response and hassle-free service
  • Vans stocked with all standard parts
  • Supply and install high-quality products from leading manufactures
  • We have served Melbourne for 30 years and built a reputation you can rely on
  • Our plumbers are experienced and qualified
  • We’re dedicated to giving you the best solution and service
  • Friendly customer service
  • Melbourne’s trusted, reputable brand

Buying a new Hot Water System

Buying a new major appliance is never easy – with the flood of available information sometimes creating more confusion than confidence.

At Plum Trade Services, we are happy to remove all the guesswork and confusion for you by taking a look at the size and design of your home, considering the needs of your family, and offering solutions that are a perfect fit.

And here’s another thing to give you peace of mind: all of our sales consultants are ex-plumbers, while our installation team and technicians are employees, not contractors. What this means is that you are in professional, safe hands every step of the way to ensure a smooth, hassle-free transition under expert guidance, with all work guaranteed.

Key points to consider when buying a Hot Water System

When deciding on a new Hot Water System for your home, here’s some key information we’ll be needing to discuss with you to work toward the perfect outcome.

First is the size of your home and the number of people living there. Obviously, a residence with just one bathroom will have much more modest needs than a two-storey house with three bathrooms, so this is very important.

Then you need to think about where the unit will be located. Somewhere out of the way with clearance around it is ideal, to ensure the unit doesn’t become an eyesore or a nuisance.

But the biggest consideration is usually your budget, not just now, but into the future with your power bills. It’s worth pointing out that a less energy-efficient unit at the cheaper end of the product range will cost you more on bills in the long run. If you are able, it may be worth investigating whether you can afford to upgrade to a more energy-efficient unit to save on running costs long into the future.

For all your hot water requirements, Call Plum Trade Services today

Whether you need your Hot Water System serviced, repaired or replaced in Melbourne or Geelong, Plum Trade Services are the experts in customer satisfaction.

Please give our award-winning team a call on (03) 8360-9622 in Melbourne, or (03) 5292-2219 in Geelong.

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