Top 4 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Air Conditioners

Buying Air Conditioner

Shopping for an air conditioner can be hard, because you don’t want to make the wrong decision. There are many different kinds of air conditioners and evaporative cooling systems on the market, suitable for different homes, businesses, budgets and other requirements. We’ve put together some quick tips on picking the best air conditioning unit for your home. For more information about units for your specific needs, talk to your Melbourne air conditioner installation expert.


Price is one of the main deciders in choosing a cooling system for your home or business. An evaporative cooler will tend to set you back the least, whilst reverse cycle air conditioners, or ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems, tend to be the most pricey. When deciding how much to spend on your unit, consider what you are and aren’t willing to compromise on. An air conditioner is a long term investment – so think of it as such. More expensive air conditioners may be more energy efficient, costing you less in energy bills. They also may be less likely to break down. Choosing a brand name unit generally makes more homeowners feel safer in their purchase. However the most expensive unit isn’t necessarily the best, nor is the cheapest necessarily the worst – there are other factors you can judge by.


The capacity of the air conditioning unit you choose is extremely important. The larger the room you want to cool, the larger your unit’s capacity will have to be for efficient working. If you want to cool several rooms a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system may be best for you. You can measure the height, width and depth of your room to calculate the capacity air conditioner you need – or an expert can help you when they quote the price for supply and air conditioner installation.

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Year Round Solution

Reverse cycle air conditioning is a year round solution, however it is more costly. It is important to consider how often you will use your cooling system, and how much more often you will use it if it is also a heater. Purchasing a single reverse cycle air conditioning unit may be cheaper than purchasing a heating and cooling unit separately.

Energy Rating

The energy rating of your air conditioner is important, because it determines how much energy it will use – and its impact on the environment. The higher the energy stars the greater its efficiency.

All of these factors should be taken into account when purchasing a cooling system. Compromises may have to be made about different priorities – but your air conditioner installer can help you make a decision.

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