The best air conditioning system on a budget – and it’s not a compromise on comfort!

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Peak summer. Another crippling Melbourne heatwave. Your Insta feed is being flooded with those seasonal photos of eggs being fried under the heat of the scorching sun, while your dog keeps trying to climb into the fridge to stay cool.

Yup, it’s hecking hot, mate! You find yourself with two choices: do you continue to try and master your comical, near-naked “dance of the oscillating fan” in a losing battle to stay cool at home; or do you bite the bullet and invest in an air conditioner?

But wait, money’s really tight … and air conditioners are expensive, right?

Thankfully, this is not the case. Split-system Air Conditioners are more than meeting the challenge.

Split systems are perfect for those on a budget

You may be refreshed to learn that these days, air conditioning doesn’t have to cost a sunburnt arm and leg. Starting at a smidge over $2000 dollars, installed, you can soon be basking in delightfully chill air as it floods quietly into your home, day and night.

Split System Air Conditioning units are perfect for customers on a tight budget, or for those who only need to cool a small home or single room – dishing up soul-saving relief at the press of a button.

But wait, there’s more! Split-systems are also cheap to install and run – adding just a couple of dollars a day to your power bill. Plus, they are reverse-cycle, meaning they double as a heater in the cooler months.

Is my home suitable for a Split System?

Split-system air conditioners are perfect for cooling single areas with a constant feed of refrigerated air. And better still, they come in a range of sizes to ensure the service the smallest bedroom through to big living rooms are efficiently covered.

You can even install multiple units throughout your home – for example, in the living area and bedroom/s – ensuring the dog never tries to climb into the fridge again!

But Split System Air Conditioners are not the perfect solution for everyone.

For example, the outside compressors can be large and sometimes noisy, a consideration if you have neighbours living in close proximity or a very tight apartment balcony.

Also, with the indoor unit, you need a good location to install it. You need space on the wall, and it needs to be an exterior wall, because internal walls aren’t suitable for the job.

Your compressor unit will commonly live on the outside of the exterior wall on a concrete pad on the ground, in close proximity to where the indoor unit is located. You can also have it raised and sitting on wall brackets if you need the ground area clear.

You can also install the outdoor unit on your roof and run the pipes up to the roof, if space at ground level is a problem.

So, is a Split-System the perfect summer solution for me?

Split-System Air Conditioning units are perfect for customers on a tight budget – reliably dishing up deliciously cool refrigerated air while being cheap to buy, install and run.

Plum Heating & Cooling’s range of Split System Air Conditioners are perfect for cooling single areas with a constant feed of refrigerated air. And better still, they come in a range of sizes to ensure the service the smallest bedroom through to big living rooms are efficiently covered.

Your hard-earned dollars are safe with Plum Heating & Cooling

And never fear, we totally get it – your savings are hard-earned and precious! That’s why when the friendly team at Plum Heating & Cooling give you a quote, you can rest easy knowing that it covers everything: your new Air Conditioner, installation, the electrician, the refrigerated pipe run, and delivery of something for your outdoor unit to sit on.

Unfortunately, when you shop at retail stores, the advertised price usually only covers the purchase of the unit. It rarely covers the hidden expense of hiring a contractor to install the unit (who you’ll need to deal with separately).

Elsewhere, you’d also need to hire an electrician to install an outdoor power point for the exterior unit. Positioning of the outdoors unit will also determine the amount of refrigerated gas piping required, which can be expensive because it is made of copper.

The other hidden cost is what the outdoor unit sits on (a concrete pad, or raised on brackets). Please also remember, the size of the unit you buy will be determined by the size of the room to be cooled.

Please give our friendly, expert team at Plum a call for a no-obligation consultation. We pride ourselves on our customer service and always act with honesty and integrity.

Call us today on (03) 8360 9622 in Melbourne, or (03) 5292 2219 in Geelong. Or you can contact us via this link https://www.plumheatcool.com.au/contact-us/

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