5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter This Year

Prepare your home for this winter
5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter This Year

With the weather still being warm, we can easily forget that Winter is Coming!

What could be worse than being in the middle of Winter settling in to watch the latest season of Game of Thrones only to feel drops of water dripping on your head followed by the screams of your heating system coming to its death?

We don’t want you to be left cold and wet this winter so here are 5 ways to prepare your home for winter.

1. Clean Gutters and Check Roof Tiles

In winter we can expect rain and in some places of Australia even snow.  So to prepare your home for winter, get in and clear out the gutters so that the rain can drain easily and decrease the chances of flooding.

Another area that we often forget is the roof.  No one spends a great amount of time looking at their roof, but now is the time to check for loose, cracked and missing tiles.

This can prevent rain from entering your home and causing huge amounts of damage to your home and belongings.

2. Check Tree Limbs

Preparing your home for winter also means walking around your property to see if there are any risks outside of your home that could be a danger to you and your family.

You can tell winter is coming when you see the rain and feel the cold air as well as the gusts of wind.  Windy winter days means a greater chance of trees and branches falling and causing damage to your home and property.

Autumn is a great time to trim branches and assess the health of trees on your property.

3. Service Heating System

When you buy a car you don’t just use it without getting it serviced.

This would result in your car getting damaged and you losing an asset that you have put a lot of money into purchasing. Your heating system is much like a car.

A heater service is necessary so that it is running at its optimal performance and also so that it is safe to use. It is recommended that you get your heating system serviced once a year.

This could be something you schedule annually with duct cleaning and the replacement of fire detector batteries.

For more information on cleaning ducts and heater service read our blog The First Day of a New Season.

4. Rodent Proofing

Like humans, rodents, spiders and other creepy crawlies don’t like winter.

They will come through any cracks and holes in your home. So another key to preparing your home for winter is filling cracks and holes so that you don’t have to share your home with rodents this winter.

5. Make a Plan

Winter comes with weather conditions that can cause power and water outages.

Now is the time to prepare your home for winter by making plans for what to do if the power goes off and ensuring you have enough food and warm clothing and bedding.

Click here for a helpful article about cooking without power.

And, as always, if you have any questions about getting your gas ducted heating system ready for the cooler Melbourne weather, give us a call on 03-8360 9622 and speak to one of the friendly Plum Heating and Cooling team!

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