Ducted Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning and heating for your entire home

Ducted Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning and heating for your entire home

Get Ducted Air Conditioning for that Refrigerated Cooling

You know that wall of delightfully cold, refreshing air that engulfs you when you step into a shopping complex on a hot summer’s day? That’s Ducted Air Conditioning Refrigerated Cooling!

When it comes to an all-in-one dual heating and cooling system for your whole family home, a Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner performs flawlessly all year round, especially under Melbourne’s extreme four-seasons-in-one-day conditions. Whisper quiet, these units are generally installed in your roof space, or outside the home. Ducting installed in your roof space sees deliciously crisp air in summer and toasty air in winter delivered directly to you, via strategically positioned vents throughout your home.

While Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning can be a more expensive option when it comes to installation and running costs, solar panels and effective zoning result in minimal power bills.

Ducted Air Conditioning in every room

When year-round comfort is your goal, the power and performance of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning is hard to beat, especially in a large home with lots of rooms. But all that grunt comes at a price, with Ducted Air Conditioning sitting at the premium end of the expense scale. We have included an approximate pricing guide in the FAQs further down this page. 

Please call us on (03) 83609 622 to discuss your professional installation needs and alternative options if required.

Cost-effective with solar panels

These bad boys aren’t the cheapest to run and average operation will see you paying $5 to $10 a day (compared with just $1-$2 a day for Evaporative Cooling). However, if you have solar panels installed on your roof, Reverse Cycle Refrigerated Air Conditioning units become extremely energy efficient and power bills are cut significantly.

Solar Panels for Cost Effective

Year-round Heating and Cooling perfection

Ducted Air Conditioning systems provide an all-in-one, whole-home reverse cycle ducted Heating and Cooling solution that delivers perfection all year round. Whether it’s peak summer or the depths of winter, you and your loved ones will live life to its comfortable fullest. And the best part is, these systems are whisper quiet – perfect for when little ones are sleeping.

Zoning saves money and arguments

Zoning is a must with Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, since they are designed to be turned on sections at a time. You have the ability to divide your home into different zones that you can switch on or off for efficiency. You can even opt for a system that allows zones to run at different temperatures, putting an end to arguments over thermostat settings. Our expert design team will work with you to understand your lifestyle and home layout – and zone your system accordingly.

Ducted Air Conditioner Zoning

Performs flawlessly on humid days

Ducted Refrigerated Cooling is the system of choice in overwhelmingly hot, humid states such as Queensland and the Northern Territory. Unlike Evaporative Cooling, which tends to struggle on humid days, this is when your Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner will truly shine, pumping out non-stop refrigerated air to soothe even the most frazzled soul.

Wi-Fi compatible

This is where things get exciting, because today’s smart technology is capable of running your Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner. By upgrading your system with a Wi-Fi adapter, you’ll be able to control the climate of every zone in your house from bed or while away from home. You can fire up your Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner as you leave work for the day,  or power on the warmth before you get up out of bed in winter.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Wifi Controller
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Frequently Asked Ducted Air Conditioning Questions

Ducted Air Conditioning delivers Heating and Cooling to your entire home, via a comprehensive pattern of ducts and vents installed in your ceiling. It comes with an outdoor condenser unit and a central indoor unit, usually installed in the ceiling – although it can be fitted under the floor if there is space and access.

Yes. The words Reverse Cycle are a reference to the fact that your system is dual-purpose, meaning it cools and heats your home depending on your needs and the time of year. In winter, the refrigeration is reversed, resulting in a toasty-warm home environment.

The most crucial factor when considering whether Ducted Refrigeration is for you is space: in the ceiling for the indoor unit and ducting; and outside for the condenser unit. Also, it pays to have solar panels to keep energy costs down and ease your carbon footprint.

Ducted Refrigerated Cooling has two operational modes, Heat and Cool. During the summer months when set to Cool, your Reverse Cycle system draws heat from inside and transfers it outside. The cool air is produced by the fan drawing air from the filtered return air vent, then blowing the air across the refrigerated cooling coil. It then travels through the ducts and vents to your rooms. This process is reversed in Heating mode.

Entry costs for a Ducted Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioner installed in a small home, such as a unit, are about $9000-$10,000. This jumps to $10,000-$15,000 including installation for the average family home, depending on the size and type of system. For an extra-large or multi-storey home, you should expect to pay $15,000-$20,000.

Average operation will see you paying $5 to $10 a day (compared with just $1-$2 a day for Evaporative Cooling). You can make energy savings by using the zoning arrangements and minimising the space you need heated or cooled. Those with solar panels on the roof will cut costs even lower. Read more about Evaporative Coolers

In a comparison of output, the quality of Cooling is the same in both systems, which are refrigerated. The difference lies in the Heating, with Ducted Reverse Cycle provides a much nicer, cleaner air than Gas Ducted Heating. Pricing is similar for both systems. Read more about Add-On Cooling

Yes. When you choose Ducted Air Conditioning, rest assured that everything runs through the same single set of ducts, vents and outlets.

Yes. For convenience and economy, we recommend zoning your Ducted Reverse Cycle to control which parts of your home are Heated and Cooled, and when (eg: heavy traffic areas during the day and bedrooms at night).

Zoning gives you the ability to divide your home into up to 8 different zones, which you turn on and off as required. Our consultants will work with you to understand your lifestyle and home layout – and zone your system accordingly. For example, if you only use your study during the day, we will make that a separate zone so it can be switched off during the evening. This set-up will drastically reduce your running costs.

With Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning, Cooling mode delivers crisp, moderate air that feels like a blast from the fridge. The advantage of Refrigerated Cooling is that it is temperature controlled, so you can set your thermostat to a desired temperature.

We only stock Ducted Reverse Cycle systems with inverter technology. This clever feature maintains your set temperature by cooling your zone when the room temperature rises, or heating it when the temperature falls lower than your setting. This is important, because it reduces energy consumption and wear on your system.

Today’s smart technology is capable of running much more than your security system – it also extends to your Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning. By upgrading your Ducted Reverse Cycle system with a Wi-Fi adapter, you’ll be able to control every zone in your house from your smartphone or internet-connected device.

Yes. But as with all financing options, it will cost you more in the long term. For more information on financing options, please call our award-winning sales team to discuss whether this is the best option for you.

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