Top 4 Reasons To Not Install Air Conditioning Yourself

Installing Air Conditioning

Some home and business owners see installing their own air conditioning unit as a way to cut costs. However, doing so can be dangerous and end up costing you more than enlisting a professional to do so for you. We’ve outlined four reasons to not install air conditioning yourself below, so you can avoid an unpleasant accident or ongoing headaches about your heating and cooling.


Ensuring your warranty is not voided is important with big investments, such as cars, air conditioners and other mechanical goods. If you attempt an air conditioner installation yourself you will most likely be voiding some warranties, especially if you don’t follow strict regulations. Most professional air conditioner installations come with a guarantee of proper workmanship and a warranty – so if something goes wrong you have someone to turn to.

Proper Air Conditioning Installation

Properly air conditioner installation is not as easy as it may seem. If you install it yourself without the correct tools and knowledge, you may cause yourself higher energy bills and a lower level of functioning in your air-conditioner. Repairs may also be more costly, because of something being attached or installed incorrectly. A professional can make sure an area is primed for installation, and advise you on how to maintain an air-conditioner in optimum condition.

Correct Capacity

If you purchase and install an air conditioning unit yourself, you may choose a model that does not have the right capacity for your room. If your air conditioner has too low a capacity for your room it will be more likely to malfunction, cost you more in energy bills and deliver inferior results. If you choose an air-conditioner that has a larger capacity than you need you will be paying more for the model than you needed to. A professional can offer a free quote on the model best suited to your home, and give you a good estimate of how much it will cost to install air conditioning.


Installing air conditioning yourself can be dangerous. Horror stories of home and business owners installing their own air-conditioning unit have seen them die of electrocution – of course this is the very worst case scenario. It is not worth the risk, for a small fee, to your own health and safety. Professionals can install an air conditioning unit safely.

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