Choosing An Evaporative Cooler in Melbourne

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There is a fast-growing trend where people are opting for an evaporative cooler in Melbourne. There are already a number of areas in the world where desert coolers or evaporative coolers are the air conditioner of choice, especially in regions that have hot and dry weather.

Since these evaporative coolers work by reducing the temperature of air through the evaporation of water, they are incredibly effective at creating a cool and moist environment. This kind of air conditioning is very well suited in areas where the dry heat seems to be the standard weather most of the year.

Do Evaporative Coolers Really Work Effectively in Dry Areas?

Air conditioners normally use either vapour compression or refrigeration methods for indoor cooling, which consume a lot of energy. They are well suited for areas with high humidity where evaporation does not work so well. They remove extra moisture from the air so they are perfect for the hot and sticky weather but are not as efficient at dealing with drier climates.

Evaporative coolers use less energy than normal air conditioning units which makes them quite cost-effective to use. They require a steady flow of water, though, in order to work effectively so you just need to make sure you have a water source available for the purpose before installing one.

There is one basic reason why evaporative coolers are becoming the popular choice for areas where the temperature runs high but the humidity is low. Since they add moisture to the air and offer amazing cooling without increasing the electricity bills, they are the perfect choice for homes of any size in hot and dry areas, especially with larger capacity coolers.

In the summer, with evaporative cooling systems, you would not need a humidifier to be running separately in dry weather or spend a lot of money on energy consumption!

To learn more about evaporative cooling installation Melbourne, contact the team at Plum Heating and Cooling today!

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