Brivis Gas Ducted Heating & Evaporative Cooling

Ducted Gas Heating

Gas Ducted Heating

See the full range of Brivis Heaters available.

Evaporative Cooling

See the range of Brivis Evaporative Coolers available.

Brivis Service Advantage

Service Advantage

Register your Brivis Heater & Cooler for a 9-Year Warranty.


Brivis Digital Manual Heater Controller

Perfect for Simple Operation of Brivis Heaters


Brivis Networker (NC-6) Controller

Perfect to control Brivis Heating and Cooling Units

Brivis Touch Controller

Advanced Touch Screen Controller, the latest Brivis Controller on the Market.

Brivis Size

Plum Heating & Cooling can Brivisize™ your home during a Site Inspection to ensure it is measured up accurately. Our technicians also specialise in Services or Repairs of Brivis systems.