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Brivis Touch™ Controller

Leading the way of Brivis Controllers, The Brivis Touch™ is the latest innovation in climate control, allowing you to create total home comfort with pure simplicity. The ability to control your Brivis Ducted Gas Heater, Evaporative Cooler and Dual Comfort system is at your fingertips with the sleek Brivis Touch™, high-resolution colour touchscreen controller. It’s that simple. See the Brivis Touch controller Instructional Video

  • Hi Resolution Colour Touch Screen
  • On / Off Timer
  • Large On-Screen Icons
  • Use with (most) Brivis Units
  • On Board Diagnostics
  • Brivis-Touch-Controller

    Brivis NC6 Networker™

    The Networker is designed with an easy-to-use rotary dial, an easy-to-read LCD screen and is backlit using Electro-Luminescence (EL) technology, making the screen easier to read in poorly lit areas or at night. The NC6 can operate both a Brivis ducted gas heater as well as a Brivis cooling system, providing total control. See the Networker Demonstration Video

    • Automatic Mode
    • On / Off Timer
    • Use with Heating & Cooling Units
    • On Board Diagnostics
    • LCD Backlit Display Screen

    Manual Controller

    The Manual Controller is a simple to use heating only thermostat with a large easy to read digital display.

    • Heating Only Thermostat
    • Simple to Use
    • Large Easy to Read Display
    Brivis Size

    Plum Heating & Cooling can Brivisize™ your home during a Site Inspection to ensure it is measured up accurately 

    Ducted Gas Heating

    Gas Ducted Heating

    See the full range of Brivis Heaters available.

    Evaporative Cooling

    See the range of Brivis Evaporative Coolers available.

    Brivis Service Advantage

    Service Advantage

    Register your Brivis Heater & Cooler for a 9-Year Warranty.

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