Types of Air Conditioning Units

Different Types

There are a number of choices for air conditioning units and all types of air conditioning serve a different purpose. It is important to understand these options, as you may feel that portable air conditioners are the best choice, while your home really needs ducted heating and cooling since it is too large for a portable unit to work well!

When you are investing in an appliance like this for your home, you need to make sure you pick an option that suits your requirements. Since these are normally purchases that you make once in a few years, getting the best value for money involves buying something that keeps you comfortable whenever you need it.

Air Conditioners – Understanding the Choices You Have

The basic choices that will be available can be categorized as per their installation method. Depending on the area you live in (how much and how often the temperature changes), the size of the rooms in your home as well as the availability of space for heating or evaporative cooling installation, you can make your decision.

If you have a house with many rooms that are connected via ventilation ducts, you can install a single large capacity heating or cooling unit. This can be connected to the existing ducts (or you can have them installed too) to pass on the cool or warm air to all the rooms in the home. For this kind of system, the cost of installation might be high but running costs will be lower.

On the other hand, portable air conditioners could be the best choice if only one or two rooms need to be air conditioned. You can move these units around if you require and they are perfect for small apartments or single rooms. If you tend to spend part of the day in one area of the house and the rest in another, you can just wheel these portable air conditioners to wherever you are!

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