Gas Ducted Heating

Although we moan about it, we Melbournians secretly like the colder months of the year! What’s not to love about wrapping up in scarf and gloves to watch the footy, cold drinks by a roaring fireplace to heat your home or even a warm drink while you watch a misty morning sunrise? But while it all sounds like a bit of fun, those chilly days can get a bit tiresome, particularly if you’re trying to keep your house and family comfortable and cozy. There are a range of Ducted Units and number of ways to climate control your home through our Melbourne winters, but one of the most popular is using natural gas with Ducted Gas Heating. Cost effective and easy to use and run, our Gas Ducted Heating systems are energy efficient, made in Australia from quality components and are based on Australian harsh climate and weather conditions. If you wish to compare the type of heat Air Conditioners or Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning produces against a Gas Heater, just think of the Heater in your Car. This will give you a fair idea of the difference heating types.

You can choose to zone your home, meaning your Ducted Gas Heating System will only heat those rooms you’re using, rather than the entire house, saving you massive running costs.

Upon installation, our technicians will give you a complete rundown on how to effectively use your Gas Ducted Heating System, including a recommended servicing schedule which will be completed by our dedicated Ducted Gas Heating Service and Maintenance Team.

How Does Your Gas Ducted Heating Work?

Your Gas Ducted Heating system consists of a heat exchanger and a single central heating unit that is placed either in your roof or alongside your home, depending if heating is run through the floor or ceiling. The position of the heating unit is dependent of your home. Many new homes built on slabs will not allow room to run duct under the house, therefore will be internal heater installation.

Ducted Gas Heating

Zoning Your System

This unit is connected to a series of ducts that designed and located by our technicians to deliver warm air to every corner of your home and also to zone the heating to specific parts of your home, such as living spaces during the day and bedrooms in the evening. With Zoning, there will be an area called the ‘Common’ Area which remains on and likely to be your living areas. Each zone can then be designed to either heat a single room or multiple rooms. Once zoning is set up, the controller lets you set which zone to turn on or off, all with the touch of a button.

Picture: Brivis Ducted Heating with Add-On Cooling Solution

Gas Ducted Heating

Star Energy Rating

Star energy ratings for gas ducted heating systems measures the Energy consumption of each unit. These star efficiencies are set by the Australian Gas Association and are similar to other ratings – the higher the star rating, the greater efficiency of the system.

The heating and cooling systems we use and recommend range from 3 star units to 6 stars, the maximum efficiency you can currently buy; these ratings are important as the higher the efficiency, the more you’ll save on your power bills – for instance a 6 star rated system will save you an average of 30% more than a 3 star rated system.

When you choose and purchase a Ducted Gas Heating system from our friendly team, you’re not only getting a quality Australian made unit from brands who have been manufacturing for over 50 years, but also a dedicated in-house team of designers and technicians who will install, service and maintain your system for many years to come.


Keep your home and family comfortable through cooler months with an energy effective, quality star Ducted Gas Heaters or an Air Conditioning System with Reverse Cycle Heating. Contact Plum Heating and Cooling in Melbourne. You can request a no obligation FREE Quote online by clicking below, or you can give us a call on (03) 8360-9622 to see how we can help you stay warm this winter!