Plum Press Release – 25 Years and Still Winning

Wyndham Business Awards Finalists

Melbourne, VIC, July 17, 2017: Plum Heating and Cooling Melbourne is celebrating more than just 25 years in business. It was recently announced that the local Wyndham Business was named as a finalist for not one, but three categories in the 2017 Wyndham Business Awards. The categories are Best Trade, Excellence in Innovation and Excellence in Sustainability.

Plum are not new to the Wyndham Business Awards and won the best medium retail category in 2009, 2010 and 2012. In 2012 Plum also took out the coveted title of Wyndham’s Business of the Year.

Having received industry awards like the Hitachi and Coolbreeze dealer of the year award, Plum looks like a huge contender for the trade category.

The revolutionary Eco Clean System places Plum in a good position for the Innovation category and the fact that they will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary in business clearly demonstrates Plum’s sustainability.

Plum owner, Kyle Briggs says:

“I wanted to give good advice and provide an honest service when it came to ducted heating and cooling solutions.”

With such accolades it could be said that Briggs has achieved his goal and together with his team has placed Plum Heating and Cooling Melbourne in a place where many can only dream of.

In a recent interview Kyle Briggs told the story about how the name Plum Heating and Cooling came to be. He said that in a time where fruit and other unique names were popping up Kyle thought of Plum.

He went on to say:

Plum is sort of a play on words. It is a unique fruit name as well as being a shortened version of ‘Plumber’. You can also use the slang meaning of ‘neat’ so that plum = a neat job.”

The Wyndham City announced 59 finalists in the 2017 Business Awards. With a name and reputation like Plum Heating and Cooling you are sure to see why after 25 years in business they are still leaders in their field.

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