What Kind of Air Conditioner Works Best? Introducing the Evaporative Cooler

Brivis Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative coolers in Melbourne and elsewhere in the world are becoming one of the biggest trends, with people in the drier and warmer inland regions choosing to use this kind of air conditioner. In many parts of the world, these evaporative coolers (also called desert coolers) are preferred for their effectiveness in hot and dry regions. This cooling system is one of the most energy-efficient and successful methods of cooling.

Since this system of air conditioning functions by lowering the temperature of air through water evaporation, it’s perfect for areas where the humidity is low. When the weather starts getting warm, most areas become very uncomfortable. Many people find that they need to install a humidifier along with air conditioners.

Is An Evaporative Cooler Really Effective for Hot Weather?

Most cooling systems use the vapour compression method or refrigeration to lower the air temperature, which leads to cool and dry air being the output. For areas with high humidity where people feel hot and sweaty, they are a good choice for indoor cooling. In regions that experience hot and dry weather, though, they are not as effective as an evaporative cooler.

Coolers that use water evaporation tend to be more energy efficient, using less power than refrigeration units. Whether they are installed in a home or office, they are available in different sizes and cooling capacities and you can pick a fixed or portable air conditioner. The only necessity is a water source nearby, since they need a constant trickle running through the unit.

Like other areas all over the globe, inland regions are discovering the benefits of switching to the evaporative cooling system too. As a cooling method that uses very little electricity as well as removing the need for separate humidifiers to keep air most, evaporative air conditioner systems are definitely the perfect choice for every hot and dry region.

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