Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative Cooler Systems 

Evaporative air conditioning coolers are a great way to cool your home. Because the evaporative method cools air by evaporating moisture into warm air to a cooler temperature, it works best in dry weather. As a general rule, Melbourne’s air temperature and humidity levels on a typical summer’s day are between 40-50%. This makes Melbourne climate suitable for evaporative cooling.

Because filters keep dust, pollen and other pollutants out of the home, evaporative coolers are the most beneficial type of cooling system for asthma sufferers.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

How Evaporative Cooling System Works

The evaporative air conditioning unit starts by saturating its cooling pads in water. Once this cycle is complete, the fan draws air from outside, passes it through the wet filter pads to cool and filters out any pollen, dust and other pollutants. This cold, clean air is then blown through ducts and vents strategically placed to fill your whole home with a light, refreshing breeze cooling effect.

Where a heater uses centrifugal fan and advanced technology to extract air into your home, Evaporative cooling is simple, using principles of evaporation.

Conventional air conditioners work by recirculating air from inside the house and so work best with every door and window closed. Evaporative coolers, however, work by replacing the air inside your home with cooled fresh air from the outside – doing this will require you to have some doors and windows open so that cool air can be kept blowing through the house. Ideally you should be replacing all the air in the home every 2 minutes. We can advise you on how many doors and windows you will need open to do this.

Evaporative coolers are very simple systems with not a lot in the way of moving parts. There is not a lot there that can go wrong. Really, the only active components are a fan and a pump. Evaporative air coolers can also be run in “fan only” mode when you want to purge all the stale air from your home without cooling it.

How Much Does it Cost to Run Evaporative Cooling Units 

The combined water and electricity costs of running a typical evaporative cooler in Melbourne is between 10 and 25 cents an hour. This makes it a very affordable way to cool your home when compared to air conditioning systems. Many customers will be able to beat the summer heat for under a dollar a day. With electricity prices having more than doubled in Melbourne since 2009, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on running costs when arranging an evaporative cooling installation in Melbourne.

The energy requirem​​​​ents and refrigerant chemicals used for refrigerated air conditioning makes evaporative cooling systems environmentally friendly.​​​​

Evaporative Cooling Prices 

Evaporative cooling prices and full installation in Melbourne typically runs $3,000 – $5,000, depending on the size of your home.

This includes a warranty of between 3 and 10 years, depending on the evaporative cooling unit you install. The warranty usually covers everything except the filter pad. These usually need replacing every 7-12 years.

All evaporative cooling installations by Plum Heating and Cooling will be issued a compliance certificate. This confirms that the evaporative cooler installation has been completed by a Plumbing Industry Commission Registered Installer.

Beware of evaporative cooling systems built with cheap plastic. Over time, its cooling performance deteriorates and the plastic case becomes brittle. While they may great initially, these unit are likely to cause issues in the future.

We recommend that you get your evaporative cooling serviced once every 12 – 24 months. This will ensure that the evaporative cooler is operating at its best when summer rolls around and you’re relying on it to beat the searing heat.

Don't Swelter All Summer...

If you’d like to know more about our range of evaporative coolers and evaporative cooling service, please drop into our showroom and see our fully installed, fully operational units in action. If that’s not convenient, just give us a call on (03) 8360 9622 or get in touch via our contact form.

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“I had a change over evaporative cooler installed this week. Installers Luke and Aden carried out the job efficiently and both were very polite and happy to answer any questions that I had. I have already recommended Plum H&C to a few friends and will continue to do so in the future as I was very impressed with their service and quick turn around from booking an inspection to installing the new unit.”

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"Awesome customer service from start to finish. Got done quickly, guys were friendly and knew what they were doing. Dealt with them in the last place so we knew they were the only ones we were going to call. Highly recommended"

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