Be Energy Efficient This Summer

Great tips to help you, help the planet!
Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Being energy efficient in today’s times is more important than ever – with rising gas and electricity bills and concerns about the environment being a focal point in today’s society. With that said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that home and business owners should compromise on comfort.

Making your Melbourne cooling system energy efficient will make you feel better, lower your gas bills and create a positive impact on the environment.

Shade And Close Windows

If it can be done, make sure you keep windows closed during the day and open them at night to ventilate your home. Hot air that makes its way inside during the day can make your air conditioner or evaporative cooling system work much harder to achieve coolness throughout the home.

Another tactic is ensuring that you shade your windows effectively. Even closed windows can be a huge source of heat entering your home – awnings and curtains can keep the majority of this heat out, at no cost to the environment.

Minimise The Difference In Temperature

A big difference in temperature between your home and outside is neither good for your health, or the environment. A drop in temperature has the potential to make you feel more hot or cold, and subject your body to quick changes. It also is taxing on your air conditioner to create such vastly different temperatures.

As a rule, the difference between outside temperature and inside the home should be no more than 8 degrees.

Energy Efficient Labelling

Take note of energy efficient labelling. The more stars a cooling system has, the better. Talk to a professional in air conditioner service Melbourne about the most energy efficient option for your home and budget.

Purchase An Evaporative Cooling System

If you are in the market for a new cooling system, why not consider evaporative cooling installation in Melbourne? Evaporative coolers are the green solution to cooling your home, as they expel far less greenhouse gases.

Air Conditioning & Evaporative Cooling Service

Servicing your cooling system regularly is key to keeping it energy efficient. Faulty systems simply use far more energy than those working at their optimum.

Clean the filters regularly to avoid your air conditioner overworking and causing more harm to the environment. Or call in a professional for air conditioning service in Melbourne.

Be Environmentally Aware

Being environmentally aware isn’t about any one action, it’s about a mindset that informs all your energy choices. Keep your air conditioner off when you aren’t using it, turn off lights you don’t need and save heat expelling activities such as cooking and washing till night-time.

Plum Heating and Cooling offers you the best range of energy efficient air conditioning and evaporative cooling systems, so you can suit your home and budget, as well as minimise your environmental impact.

Whether you’re in need of evaporative cooling repairs or air conditioner service in Melbourne, Plum Heating & Cooling are the professionals you need, call us now!

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