You’ll live like royalty after splashing out on a Brivis Controller

Thanks to the diverse and excellent Brivis Controller range, you can make your home environment cooler or warmer at the touch of a button.

There’s something that feels particularly decadent about being able to control your home climate at the touch of a digital thermostat. And when it comes to the masters of this technology, there’s none better than a high-end Brivis Controller.

You invest a lot of money in setting up your home heating and cooling system, to ensure you and your loved ones stay comfortable all year round, no matter the weather. For a few dollars more, the latest technology is available to provide the latest in wall-mounted control pad technology, with features that cater for every need and family.

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Thanks to this diverse and excellent Brivis Controller range, you have the power to make your home environment cooler or warmer at the touch of a button.

Ahhhhhh, no more family arguments … now that’s living, don’t you think!

The Brivis Controller range 

Home automation from your smartphone? That’s a reality of life with some Brivis Controllers, so we’re sure you’ll be wanting to learn more.

It’s why below, we’ve listed every type of Brivis Controller that we carry and exactly what it’s capable of. Do read on.

Brivis Touch

The Brivis Touch features a touch-sensitive, high-resolution screen display that is also ZonePlus compatible. This allows you to adjust the temperature by simply using the touchpad screen. The device can be connected via Wi-Fi and enables a comprehensive way to control the Brivis Ducted Gas Heater, the Evaporative Cooler, and the Dual Comfort System.

Brivis Touch Wi-Fi

This is the Brivis Touch on steroids, with the Wi-Fi kit amping up your touch experience to a whole new stratosphere – leaving you able to control the temperature in your home from your smartphone. Also, multiple users can alter the settings as any mobile device linked to the system can become your very own remote control.

Brivis Networker

This one is great for those who may be visually or technically challenged – with a large rotary dial providing ease of use. This control system is so easy to use, even by the least tech-savvy among us. Featuring an Electro-Luminesce (EL) technology powered backlight, this controller lets you change the settings even in the pitch dark. The Networker can control both the heating and the cooling system.

GDH Manual

Perfect for those seeking a simple thermostat to run the central heating. The GDH Manual device is sleek, simple and features a large display screen for perfect visuals.

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