How to Choose Which Air Conditioner To Use In Your Home

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There are so many different options available for air conditioners that it becomes difficult to decide which air conditioner is best for your needs. Whether the best choice for your home is an evaporative cooler or a fixed window air conditioning unit, you can find the perfect one easily. Luckily, the variety of air conditioning units means that there is a perfect solution for every requirement!

Climate and weather conditions and the area you live in will make a difference, as will the size of your home. Portable air conditioners (evaporative coolers on wheels) are excellent choices for small areas or rooms, while fixed units are better for cooling large areas.

Different Kinds of Air Conditioners and their Functions

When you understand the different kinds of options that are available, you can decide which kind of air conditioner is the best choice for your home. Some of the most widely available choices are:

Split System Air Conditioners & Window Air Conditioners – These are vapour compression or refrigeration units that are normally favoured for areas that face extreme heat and humidity. They offer cool and dry air so they can increase your comfort in ‘sticky’ warm weather but can be a bit costly to use as they consume a lot of energy.

Evaporative Coolers – These use water evaporation to cool the air that is being thrown out of them and are best suited for areas that are hot and dry. Since they add moisture to the air, evaporative cooling units can increase your comfort while being energy-efficient and quite cheap to run.

The size and capacity of the unit you choose will depend on the size of your home or the room that you are doing your air conditioning installation in. For cooling really large areas, you need air conditioners with a larger capacity, while smaller units are perfect for temperature control in small areas or homes.


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