The Perfect Summer Thermostat Setting for your Home

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Most Aussies live for summer … a glorious time of year when we tend to migrate en masse to our pristine beaches, pick up the willow for a spot of backyard cricket, or hit a music festival or two to soak up the very best in live music.

These balmy, sun-filled days are best enjoyed with some cracking company, trusty sunscreen and hat, good hydration and the knowledge that when we are all tuckered out, our home cooling system will provide much-needed comfort in our hour of need.

But it’s not as simple as plugging in the most powerful air conditioning system you can afford and letting rip. There are many factors that come into play – from room size, to regular servicing and the temperature you set on the thermostat  – which determine how efficiently (none of us like exorbitant energy bills) our air conditioners operate.

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But with a little planning prior to purchase, some common-sense habits and running your air conditioner at the optimum temperature for where you live, you can rest easy knowing you and the family are kept comfortable thanks to a home cooling system that will run efficiently and endure for many summers to come.

Here’s our cheat sheet for summer home cooling that won’t break the bank:

A big air conditioner is not necessarily better

You’d think that running a high-capacity air conditioner would be the answer to every home cooling situation. But this is incorrect and could cost you an arm and leg.

When an air conditioner is too big for a home or room, the system will come under stress as it tries to moderate itself after cooling your space too quickly. It will do this by repeatedly turning itself on and off as it tries to regulate the temperature in your home. This will put unnecessary strain on your system, is very inefficient and can lead to costly breakdowns in the future.

On the flipside, an air conditioner that is too small for your living space will have to work harder to try and cool your home. This may leave you struggling with uncomfortably warm temperatures while your air conditioner comes under strain – leading to costly power bills and risk of future repairs.

Provide measurements and other information

As we’ve just explained, it’s important to match the size of your air conditioning unit to the space that it will be cooling.

Before buying an air conditioner or home cooling system, it’s important to have a discussion with your supplier:

  • Provide them with the measurements of the height, length and width of your living space/home so they can recommend the perfect capacity for your needs.
  • Tell them if your home is insulated. A well-insulated home will leave your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter – meaning a low-capacity air conditioner may be all that’s needed to keep it cool.
  • Positioning is important, since a room facing to the west and copping the afternoon heat can get very hot in the summer months. For living spaces like this, a high-capacity air conditioner may be necessary for effective cooling.

Set your timer, or use WiFi

There’s no point wasting power when nobody’s home, specially when today’s features mean you can pre-program your air conditioner to fire up just before you get home from work, or even use an app to shut it down late at night once everyone’s asleep.

Keep your filters clean

In peak summer, it pays to clean your filters fortnightly because they can get really dirty. When your air conditioner is off, remove the filter and wash with soap and water. Air dry before reattaching to your system.

Set the perfect temperature

The key to keep everyone comfortable and cool while keeping your energy bills low? It’s setting your thermostat at the perfect temperature for efficiency and comfort.

This of course depends where you live in Australia, with some regions experiencing much hotter, or more humid, summer climates. Here’s a basic guide for each region:

  • Victoria, the ACT and Southeast NSW: 22-24C
  • South Australia: 24-25C
  • Central Australia: 21-23C
  • Southwestern WA: 23-24 degrees Celsius
  • North Queensland, northern WA & the NT: 21-23C

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