Is your Hot Water System causing your low hot water pressure at home?

Is that frustrating trickle of low hot water pressure caused by your hot-water system? We're here to troubleshoot with you so you can work that out.
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You know when you jump in the shower, and someone turns on a kitchen tap while you’re in there … reducing your stream of hot water to a luke-warm trickle? Imagine if your pressure was like that all the time! 

Doing the dishes, running a bath, or washing clothes would all quickly become frustratingly tedious.  

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This happens in more homes than you’d think and quite often, it’s your hot water system that is the cause. 

While low hot water pressure can be triggered by water leaks or even blocked shower heads/taps, there are also some issues with your hot water system to watch out for when troubleshooting low hot water pressure.  

Is your hot water system causing low hot water pressure? 

When low hot water pressure strikes, here’s what to look for in your HWS:  

Water leaks 

Inspect your hot water system tank for leaks or see if there are joints in pipes leading to the unit. If this is the case, then without any delay, call your local emergency plumber near you to avert water damage or an even worse situation where water may get into the electrical wiring. 

Blocked filter 

Some hot water systems are integrated with filters on the outlet and inlet. With time, they accrue sediment. A blocked filter is the most common hot water issue that is easy to clean or replace. 

Worn tempering valve 

The tempering valve of your HWS ensures that the water doesn’t scald you by being too hot. Just like the filter and a few other valves in your unit, the tempering valve can wear and need replacing.  

Debris and sediment 

Debris and sediment can accumulate in the tank as it ages and corrodes. Thus, blockages happen over a while and can result in low hot water pressure. 

Make it a point to check your low hot water pressure with the water pressure from the cold taps. If only the hot water is affected and runs down slowly, then you may need the services of a professional to flush your hot water unit.  

Wear and tear  

If your hot water system is old, worn and breaking down or costing you lots of money, it may be time for a replacement.  

Faulty install  

A faulty hot water system installation could result in low hot water pressure. An installation flaw can trigger this problem – with too many bends in the pipework or mismatched pipe diameters. 

The solution for low hot water pressure 

For all things hot water systems – whether it’s an urgent repair, a major service, replacement, or new installation – Plum Trade Services have all your needs covered, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 
Plum Trade Services can work with any type of hot water system from all major brands. Our technician vans are well-equipped with all the main parts required to get your system running smoothly and efficiently. 
If you’re after a replacement unit, we have handpicked the best systems on the market. We’ve chosen the most effective and reliable products from reputable brands and will be more than happy to come out and have a look at your old system and recommend a new system that will satisfy your home and lifestyle. 
If your system unexpectedly breaks down, we have portable units to connect to get your hot water flowing again while we repair your primary system. 

Simply jump on the telephone and give one of our friendly, award-winning customer service team a call on (03) 8360-9622 in Melbourne, or (03) 5292-2219 in Geelong.  

Or you can request a quote online here https://www.plumheatcool.com.au/request-a-quote/ – This service is hassle-free because we pride ourselves on putting your needs first. 

And for those who like to put faces in the picture, we invite you to drop into Plum Trade Services’ Point Cook showroom at Unit 4, 22-30 Wallace Ave – where you are welcome any time!  

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