How To Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter

What is Air Conditioning Service

Your air conditioner filter is an essential part of its day to day running: preventing particles such as bacteria entering your home through the air conditioning cycle. Regular cleaning of the filter is therefore important, to enable the most energy efficient results for your home. It is also important in minimising the likelihood of respiratory problems. Whilst air conditioner service is something you should have done annually by a professional, or when problems arise, filters should be cleaned more regularly. We’ve put together a few tips for making sure you keep your air-conditioner working at its best and cleaner than ever!

Mark The Date

Remembering to clean your filter regularly can be difficult, so consider marking in your instruction manual, or calendar when your air conditioning unit needs servicing, and when you last cleaned the filter. This ensures regular upkeep and can prevent future costly damage. This is especially important in commercial settings, where air-conditioning units often work harder, and are less looked after.

Talk To Your Professional

Talk to the professional conducting your air conditioner installation about how often it will need cleaning. They can provide you with specific information regarding the unit you have chosen.

Follow The Instruction Manual

The instruction manual that comes with all air conditioning units should inform you of if, and how, you can clean the filter yourself. Remember to carefully remove the filter – after it has been unplugged. Check the manual to be reminded of all points of contact with electricity your air conditioner has – often several plugs will need to be pulled. You should also check to see which method of cleaning is suggested for your air conditioner filter – vacuuming is a popular option but may damage some filters.

Clean Thoroughly

It is important to clean your filter thoroughly, and dry it before it is placed back in the air conditioner. If your filter is made of foam, you may simply choose to replace it fairly regularly, rather than cleaning it. Other air conditioner filters are made of mesh, and can be vacuumed or washed thoroughly. Filters should be dried carefully and checked for any moistness before being placed back in the air-conditioning unit.

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