Evaporative Cooling Service & Preventative Maintenance

We recommend that you service your Evaporative Cooler at least once a year. Just like your car your Evaporative Cooler needs to be serviced regularly for enhanced performance and lifetime.

Our experienced technicians deliver maintenance services of the highest standard. They are all accredited in their field of expertise and we strive to ensure all services are carried out to our customer’s satisfaction.

Evaporative Coolers in Melbourne have little in the way of moving parts, meaning there is a lot less that can break. They nonetheless benefit from proper maintenance. An evaporative cooler is a warm and wet environment. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould if neglected too long. It’s a good idea to give it a clean every 12 months. In extreme cases, a neglected evaporative cooler that is very clogged up with dust and leaves can cause a house fire.

In 2017, there were 6 fires in Victoria which were caused by Evaporative Coolers. Energy Safe Victoria released a Press Release stressing the importance of an Annual Service.

An Evaporative Cooling Service annually will ensure your evaporative cooler is operating at its optimum performance. Our comprehensive checklists are designed to ensure you have a thorough service every time.

evaporative cooling service

What is included in an Evaporative Cooling service:

  • We will remove the louvers and filter pads from the unit. We will clean the filter pads thoroughly to remove dust and dirt, spider webs, insects and other debris.
  • We will check the water pump is operating correctly and free from debris.
  • We will check the drain valve is opening and closing correctly and there are no leaks visible around the o’ring seal.
  • We will check the float valve for free movement and to ensure the water supply shuts off when the correct water level is achieved. (system dependent)
  • We will check the solenoid valve for operation.
  • We will clean the internal water tank.
  • We will check the roof flashings are waterproof and free of any birds nests and debris.
  • We will check the water line for drips and leaks and check the drain pipe.
  • We will check the water distribution across filter pads to ensure complete saturation.
  • We will check the fan is operating correctly in all modes and ensure speeds are correct.
  • We will check the outlets for optimum airflow.
  • We will complete a full function test.

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