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To ensure that your heater is operating at its full potential, we recommend that the 10-Point Comprehensive Ducted heating service is conducted every 12 months. This is because your system is continually circulating air and the fan will get dust build up. We will also check the gas burning pressures and complete a carbon monoxide test to ensure your system is operating correctly.

Our experienced technicians deliver maintenance services of the highest standard. They are all accredited in their field of expertise and we strive to ensure all services are carried out to our customer’s satisfaction.

Energy Safe Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority recommend having your gas heater serviced at least every 2 years. Regular servicing is the only way to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by faulty gas appliances.

If you book a Gas Heater Service with Plum Heating and Cooling a carbon monoxide test is included for FREE. All Plum technicians are equipped with a state of the art, German-engineered Testo Carbon Monoxide Testing device. Once your gas ducted heating service is completed, our technician will give you a printed receipt of the carbon monoxide levels in your home.

A full service annually will ensure your Gas Ducted Heating is operating at its optimum performance. Our comprehensive checklists are designed to ensure you have a thorough service every time.

gas ducted heating service

What’s included in a 10-Point Gas Ducted Heating Service:

  1. We will clean the return air grill with special chemicals and a high pressure hose to stop bacteria spreading. We will check the return air cavity is sealed correctly.
  2. We will clean the dust build up from the fan motor assembly.
  3. We will check and clean the flame sensor.
  4. We will check the igniter and adjust the spark gaps. (where required)
  5. We will check the capacitor to ensure the motor is operating within the specified current range.
  6. We will check the gas burner pressures and set correctly (where required)
  7. We will check the flue is operating correctly and taking away harmful gasses from the system.
  8. We will check all the electrical connections for any wear and tear.
  9. We will check the outlets for optimum airflow.
  10. We will complete a full function test.

We will perform a FREE carbon monoxide test as part of this service to ensure there are no harmful gases present in your home.

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