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It’s taken 30 years of hard grind – delivering consistently above-standard service to our Heating & Cooling, hot-water system, and now, electrical service customers – for Plum Trade Services to build the outstanding reputation we enjoy today.   

The fact that we have not only survived, but thrived, over 30 years in the highly competitive home Heating & Cooling industry says a lot in itself. Our industry is so competitive that if you are not doing the right thing by your customers, you quickly go under.

But how is it that we flourished (winning multiple industry awards along the way) when so many other businesses fell by the wayside or, even worse, were run out of town?

It’s because when Director Kyle Briggs founded Plum in 1992, he was a local plumber determined to offer clients a higher level of customer service than the competition. And to achieve this, he devised a simple business model that became the foundation of everything we do today. One that was built atop three core pillars of service, customer satisfaction, and community.

This has evolved so that today, we have a set of six core company values that we take very seriously in an effort to make you, our customer, happy.

They are:

  • Trust – At Plum Trade Services, we pride ourselves on accountability. We aim to continue building confidence by consistently providing the best services in Melbourne and Geelong.
  • Reputation – Consistent, customer-first service leads to happy customers. Happy customers tell their friends and family – and if they’re exceptionally happy, they’ll make an effort to leave a glowing online review. Plum has over 1,700 5-star reviews on Google.
  • Friendly staff – We’re a happy bunch at Plum. We pride ourselves on creating a positive, happy workplace, to ensure we have positive, happy staff to take care of your every need. 
  • Best customer service – Happy, trustworthy staff are the cornerstone of our business and they pride themselves on setting the tone as soon as you make contact. Ongoing professional training and development ensures all our staff are experts in their respective fields.
  • Honesty and Integrity – We don’t make excuses, distort facts, or try to sell you something you don’t need. Whether on the phone, in our showroom or while working at your home, our staff will put you at ease and aim to please.
  • Responsiveness – Our staff will never leave you hanging. They are highly responsive and engaging.

When we say we take those values seriously as a company, we mean it. And it starts at the recruitment process, to ensure we only employ the best talent.

For instance, when it comes to recruiting field staff such as trades, we start by making sure they have exceptional technical skills, before taking a deep dive into their moral character to quickly weed out those who don’t share our values and ethics (told you we were serious!).

We are dogged in our pursuit of trades who are honest, friendly, respectful and take pride in their work. We even ask them to sit a Myers-Briggs personality test, to make sure you are in the most competent possible hands.

Kyle says: “Back in 1992, my business model was built on three strong core pillars: service, customer satisfaction and community. And they remain at the heart of everything we do today.

“While we now work with some of the world’s best ducted heating, cooling and air conditioning brands – and have been recognised with numerous awards – our service department has been expanded to include in-house electricians and hot water system technicians. We did this because it was what our customers were telling us they wanted.

“We’re all about taking care of our customers here at Plum and delivering that gold-star experience. It’s why we invest so much in not only recruiting the best talent but in ongoing staff training and processes that guarantee they will deliver that unbeatable Plum service that Melbourne’s come to expect from us.

“With us, you get no nasty surprises, such as unexpected bill shock, sub-par equipment, or belligerent trades that don’t show up or perform poorly. Cowboy operators like that don’t last for very long in our industry, because when people have a bad experience, they tell everyone they know.”

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For those in the market for a new home heating or cooling system, a hot water system installation, service or breakdown repair, or home electrical services, you know who to call.

Call our award-winning support team on (03) 8360-9622 in Melbourne, or (03) 5292-2219 in Geelong.

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