June’s uplifting customer service feedback gives Plum team the warm and fuzzies

Here’s what June, who refers to herself as a “dear little old lady”, had to say about our tradesman Daniel and Plum Trade Services.
customer service feedback

We’re honoured to share the story of one of our most treasured customers – a delightful “little old lady” we’ve come to know and love as June.  (See footnote).  

June is a widow in her 80s. As you can imagine in this uncertain pandemic world, life for June can be a little scary at times. 

So when Plum Trade Services tradesman Daniel visited June at home to conduct some work recently, she was made to feel so at ease that she made a point of calling our team later to express some beautiful and heartfelt feedback. 

For us, June’s kind gesture was a reminder of why we get out of bed every day – and reassurance that we are on track in putting our customers’ needs first when conducting our day-to-day business based on family values. 

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It was so touching that we had to share. 

Here’s what June, who refers to herself as a “dear little old lady”, had to say about Daniel and Plum Trade Services. 

“He (Daniel) was kind, took his time with me, explained things well, was professional and very helpful,” June said. 

June went on to express how important this level of “kindness and understanding” was for people of her age – especially as a widowed woman – saying that “ït’s quite a nerve-wracking experience having strangers coming into the home”. 

June suggested we should be advertising on our website that we are reliable, kind and understanding. 

June then went on to say she chatted with one of her friends – who is also an elderly widow – and wasn’t at all surprised to learn that she’d recently enjoyed an equally positive experience.  

Our tradies can’t wait to see June again. We’ve planned a special surprise visit to thank June for her precious feedback and ongoing custom. 

Thankyou June, your thoughtfulness has touched all of our hearts here at Plum Trade Services and you are a very special member of our Plum family. 

  • In order to protect June’s personal security, we’ve chosen to withhold her full name. Stock photo used for illustrative purposes only.
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