Brivis Advance™ Evaporative Cooling

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Brivis Evaporative Cooling Advance™ Series

Brivis Advance

The Brivis Advance™ Evaporative Cooling units has been developed with a larger surface area to excel in large airflow requirements. Its a stylish cooler for both new installs and replacement of older style units.

With the large amount of airflow and large cooling pads, the Brivis Advance™ Evaporative cooler utlises the uniquely designed ‘AutoRefresh’ water management system found in the Contour system. The sloping trough keeps the water circulating constantly through the system. This unit has the Brivis ‘FreshStart’ operation standard. It also features a variable speed fan which allows the evaporative cooling unit to operated slowly, perfect for a gentle breeze feeling.

Brivis Advance™ Evaporative Air Cooler Features

• High efficiency cooling pads
• Extra airflow

Brivis Advance™ Ducted Evaporative Cooling Colours


Terra Red


Brivis Controllers

Choose the right controller to suit your lifestyle. The Networker Controller features a dial to increase/decrease airflow. The Advanced Touch Controller has the same functionalities in a touch mode control.

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Brivis Size

Plum Heating & Cooling can Brivisize™ your home during a Site Inspection to ensure it is measured up accurately