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Split Systems Air Conditioners are Perfect for keeping Melbourne apartments, single rooms in homes or office spaces cool in summer and comfortable and an affordable and energy efficient option.

Single Split systems air conditioners are ideal for single rooms. The size of the unit is determined by the area in which it needs to cool or heat. An ideal size for a small room would be a 2.5kw split system. A larger area will require a unit with a higher cooling capacity. It is cost effective, efficient, unobtrusive and quiet.

Split Air Systems are Affordable

Installing an energy efficient split air system saves you money during operation as it consumes less power than the conventional units.

When compared to an entire ducted refrigeration system, you eliminating the need to install ductwork and the need to power up the entire unit when cooling a single room. The units are also pretty cheap depending on the brand you buy as well.

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Split Air Systems are Quiet

We’ve all been there before. You’re about to pass out after a long day at work or a night of play when your old A/C unit turns on, waking you up from slumber. Even worse is not being able to fall asleep because of the loud window unit next to your bed.

Ductless air conditioner units offer you peace and quiet. Some models run at 19 decibels, much lower than wall units and older traditional air conditioners.

Combined with the fact that they can go almost anywhere, you’ll hardly know that your air conditioning is on. You can put your unit away from bedrooms and your television so that it doesn’t bother you.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with Our Split Air Systems

Indoor air quality is a major concern, especially for those living in and around large cities such as Melbourne. According to the Dept. of the Environment and Energy, indoor air quality is of particular concern. In many places, it’s actually considered worse than outdoor air pollution.
Many split air systems have filters that regulate dust and humidity inside of the rooms they service. This is particularly helpful for those that suffer from allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems. The process of pulling air out of a room and replacing it with new air also eliminated stale air, which aids in the growth of mold. Mold is, of course, a grave concern for the elderly and children, along with anyone sensitive to mold spores.

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They Blend In With Your Decor

Let’s be honest, window units can be a bit of an eye-sore. Not only that, but they can also leak water into your home causing your carpets to stain.

Split units, however, are less obtrusive and can go almost anywhere. You can place the indoor unit up to 30.48 metres from the outdoor, giving you plenty of leeway during installation.

Imagine being able to colour coordinate your home’s air conditioning unit to it’s surrounding.

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How To Save Further On Split Air Systems

If your home currently has window units, a split system could save you a good amount of money. Of course, this depends on how you use your system and the brand you choose. We recommend Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi, or Rinnai to our customers for their dependability and service, parts and product warranties.

According to Origin Energy, running a 5kw split system in a room for heating and cooling during the winter and summer costs around $179.00. This estimate varies based on individual needs.

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