Warranty Repairs

Single Point Contact

Sometimes air conditioners break. Sometimes that even happens under warranty. Then you could be left to view a three-way standoff. The guys who sold you your air conditioning system, the installer they contracted the air conditioning install work out to, and the component manufacturer each point fingers and say it’s the other guy’s fault.

When you’re left without air conditioning, you don’t care whose fault that is. Nor should you. You just want it to work again


We detest these antics. That’s why we’ve arranged to be authorised warranty service agents for Hitachi, Temperzone and Mitsubishi air conditioners. If you buy one of these systems from us and anything goes wrong with it, we’ll come out and complete the air conditioning repair ourselves. There will be no head scratching about whether it’s a faulty component or a cooling system installation problem. There will be no to and fro between us and our supplier while we sort out the manufacturer’s warranty for you. It won’t matter to you where exactly the problem lies. You make one phone call to us and we fix it under warranty.

Of course, there’s a six year warranty on all our cooling system installation work, too. Our installers are our employees. We don’t contract this out to a third party. That way we can be sure the air conditioning installation is completed by people who really know their stuff. And that way, if there are any problems, we take full responsibility for them. You’re never left to chase things up with some contractor who will get around to it when he decides he’s available. We’ll send someone over to sort it out promptly and with no argument.

What About The Other Brands?

We are currently negotiating to become authorised warranty service agents for the other major brands we carry. We’re doing this because we care about providing the very best customer experience. It’s nice to know that you have a single point of contact if anything happens to go wrong. If you’re stuck without climate control right when you’re relying on it, all you have to do is make one phone call and it’ll be fixed quick smart.

Need warranty support on your heating and cooling system? Need an air conditioning repair in Melbourne? Got a question about the warranty work we cover? You should get in touch with us via our contact form or by phone on (03) 8360 9622.

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