Are You Building A New Home?

Whether you’re going for ducted reverse cycle air conditioninggas ducted heating systemsevaporative cooling systems, or some combination of these things, it’s a great idea to get in touch with us before you start building. Send us your plans and we’ll happily give you a free quote for your heating or cooling system installation.

Why Get in Touch Before You Start Building?

Getting in touch with us early means:

You’ll get a better heating or cooling system

There’s a good chance we can design better duct paths for your new home than we’d be able to retrofit into it once it’s built.

You’ll save money

It’s just easier to install a cooling or heating system into your home while it’s being built. By dealing directly with us you can also avoid the mark-up on the price of your system that you could face if you get your builder to organise it for you.

You’ll have your heating or evaporative cooling system the day you move in

Enjoy comfortable temperatures from the moment you arrive

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